o meet with Toma-kun if I don’t meet him myself.”

Nanami sent a meaningful glance while raising her eyebrows.
Mio wasn’t naive enough to miss the hint.

“I can understand how you feel, Nanami, but I don’t want to introduce you to him…”

“Huh!? Why not!?”

“Well… if you start to like Toma-kun, it could cause problems…”

Mio trembled slightly as she spoke, her small and shapely mouth slightly pursed in a worried expression.
Although she was usually very confident, Mio was the most worrisome person you could ever meet.
It was a side of her that was very surprising.

“No, no, even if you say you might like him, I already have a boyfriend, you know!?”

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Nanami stammered in response to the unexpected answer.

“Well, just because you have a boyfriend doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with Toma-kun, right…? I mean, that’s possible, isn’t it?”

“Um… Mio-chan, you might be worrying too much.
I don’t mean to boast, but I’m not that kind of girl who’s easy to fall for someone,” Nanami replied.

“But… still, Toma-kun is so cool, and that’s why I’m worried…” Mio’s face was colored with a girlish blush.
Her worries and anxieties had mixed together, leading to this state of mind.

“Well, I certainly don’t deny that he’s cool… But I hope you trust me enough to know that I won’t do anything stupid,” Nanami replied with a sigh.


At Nanami’s words, Mio’s eyes widened like saucers.
There was a certain word in Nanami’s statement that she just couldn’t ignore…

“Why do you know that Toma-kun is cool, Nanami?!”

“Because I have a picture of him, see?”

Nanami took out her smartphone from her pocket and showed Mio a photo of Haru and Toma smiling while holding shaved ice, with a sign reading “Cultural Festival” in the background.

“Why do you have it?!! I don’t have a single photo of Toma-kun!”

“I told you, my younger brother is friends with Toma.
This is a photo that Haru sent me a while ago.”

Nanami was grinning smugly, while Mio looked at her enviously.

“Do you want it, Mio-chan? This photo?”

After a moment of silence, Mio nodded her head, and Nanami continued teasing her.

“But I can’t just give it to you for free, you know.
I knew you’d say that, so I waited a bit before showing it to you.”

“That’s not fair, Nanami… Of course I want it.
That photo…”

Mio’s eyes were fixed on Nanami’s smartphone.

“To make a pseudo-confession, what would be a good line for someone who competed with Touma-kun in grades? That’s so unfair!”

“Ugh… Alright, I understand.
What is your purpose, Nanami?”

“I was waiting for those words! I have two promises for you! First, don’t upload this photo on SNS.
And second, definitely make Toma-kun fall for you! That’s it!!”


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If you post images or videos of someone on the internet without their permission, it can become a violation of their portrait rights.

A violation of portrait rights refers to the “right not to have one’s appearance, etc.
photographed indiscriminately and made public.”

In addition, there is also the problem of “photograph harassment,” abbreviated as “photohara,” which refers to the act of secretly taking photos of others with a smartphone without their permission, or posting such photos on SNS without their consent, causing the other person psychological distress.

However, this is just a common sense warning, and Nanami’s main goal is not this.
She wants to make Touma fall for her and promises to do so.

“I can promise not to post it on SNS, but making Touma-kun fall for me is not something I can promise…”

“Ugh! What is the angel of nursing saying? If you promise, I will give you this photo!”

“I want it… I really want it, but I can’t promise something I’m not sure of…”

“Alright, promise is a promise, don’t break it!!”

“Like I said…”

It was too late when Mio tried to negotiate.


Mio’s phone lightly vibrated and a notification sound rang out.
On the lock screen, there was a message that read, “A photo has been sent from Nanami.”

“Well then, do your best, Mio-chan.
I’m going to buy some drinks,” said Nanami, and quickly left the classroom.


Mio looked around and confirmed that no one was looking before opening the notification and viewing the photo.


At that moment, Mio couldn’t hold back a small voice.

The photo that was sent showed only Toma, as it had been cropped to exclude Nanami’s younger brother, Haru.

(Nanami, she’s already… enough…)

Since showing Toma a photo of him and Haru together, Nanami hadn’t shown any signs of playing with her phone.
In other words, she had already trimmed the photo and intended to send it from the beginning.

“I’m not going to thank you or anything…”

Mio muttered in a small voice before moving her slender white fingers to the “save” button, and slowly pressing it.

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