Betrayals and Dungeons

Since the beginning I knew i must have stepped on to a wrong path in life. Somewhere while walking that path, i stopped caring about the people who believed in me, worshipped me.

I never cared what any of the other gods said about me nor did I care about my appearances in their presence. I simply did as i pleased and i guess that was my biggest mistake, although gods should not make mistakes or at least thats what they told me.

I should have cared about my believers, but, i didn .

All they ever accomplished was build a small city that worshipped me as their god, that was the only thing I could be proud of. As time went by they started becoming more and more obsessive about me, their god.

So what did they do to ”please ” me?

They started sacrificing children in my name. An act so disgusting, that i still have nightmares about it. A god having nightmares, what a weird thought, but in the end, its true.

Anyway, once the other gods found out what my believers were doing, they got a bit mad, a bit would be putting it mildly.

So the other gods came to a conclusion that my believers were to be named heretics and soon after a war broke lose between the nine religions and my own.

What did I do about the matter? Not a damned thing.

I simply turned my gaze away and let them be massacred. All those people, men, women, children, all of them, murdered.

I trusted the other gods to let the children live, as they could easily be converted to be one of their own, i even had their promise, their word, yet they chose to betray the one thing that is sacred for us gods, OUR WORD!

Days after the massacre i chose to go there myself, to see all those who had died. Never would i have imagined the sight that would be waiting for me.

Death, everywhere I looked death was the only thing I saw.

I couldn bare the sight of what I saw, so i chose to destroy the remains of what was left myself.

I chose to bury everyone and everything in the city below the ground they laid on.

Not wanting to spend anymore time on that which was already gone, I left, I didn look back, not even giving them a glance.

Was it my fault that they had died, or was it the fault of the other gods. Honestly at the time i couldn even say, my head was filled with anger, hate, sorrow and pity.

Time passed as i simply wandered around, I didn feel like I was moving, although the scenes around me were changing.

I was stuck, stuck thinking about all the innocent souls slain because of the few.

It didn make sense, why would the other gods forsake the innocent to such a fate.

Then it hit me, the realization of it made my head hurt, all the sorrow i had burst out. Everything made sense again. Tears started to roll out of my hollow eye sockets and for the first time since the ”war ” i had a goal. The realization i had come to was, that the gods simply did not care about those who they would be hurting with their actions, whether they were young, old, poor or rich. They did not care.

I wanted revenge, but revenge would be foolish, seeing as i had forsaken my people as much as the other gods.

So I Continued wandering, until i happened to chance upon a meeting deep inside the forest city, Evergreen. Of all the gods to stumble upon it just had to be her.

Jemin, the god of nature.

There she announced that the rest of the eight gods had sinned so harshly that any of their believers would not be welcomed to their city.

This made my head hurt a bit since there actually was ten gods. Had they forgotten about me or had they come to some

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