your might, you should stick to that attitude.
You can ’t half-ass it.
You must keep your passion burning so that even if you hit a wall, you can overcome it.
You should push forward with a burning determination, without worrying if people around you get in your way.
Otherwise, you will die with regrets just like me. ”

”……? ”

I know, you don ’t understand what I mean when I say this out of the blue.

But this is the only advice I can give you.

”If you ’ve found something you love to do, I think you should keep trying to do it, no matter what your teachers tell you, keep creating. ”

It will bother your teachers, your parents will be worried, and you may have trouble with your education in the future.

But it would be a waste to hold back when you have found something you love.

You have your whole life ahead of you, so live it doing what you love.

Nevertheless, Mamoru-kun feels guilty and it would be a real shame if he could not concentrate on his favorite activities such as drawing.

He is a more sensible person than I thought, and I would like to give him an idea on how to get back on the right track.

Please let me know if you have any: …….

I draw a picture on the ground next to Mamoru-kun while pondering.
Let ’s draw a sketch similar to the formation to serve as a revision.

I ’m not a genius, so I can ’t come up with a good idea.
It would be cool if I could solve the problem in a flash, but I don ’t think I can.

I wonder if there is anything, anything at all.

It was almost the end of class time.

I looked around to see if there were any ideas lying around and saw the principal observing us from a little distance away.

He is not warning us or trying to bring us back to the classroom, he is just watching us.

I thought I had stopped hearing the teachers ’ voices calling out for Mamoru-kun, is this why?

Either they have a mysterious trust in me, or they are just being cautious, but either way, this was a convenient arrangement for me.

Somewhat at ease, I suddenly noticed Mamoru-kun playing with his fingers next to me.
He probably had sand under his fingernails.

Finger ……
Oh, that would be handy.

”Mamoru-kun, do you know how to write a seal? ”

”What ’s a seal? ”

The ”writing the seal ” action was popularized by a famous ninja comic strip.

It has two effects: one is Onmyojutsu and the other is a physical effect.

Onmyojutsu can change the flow of spiritual power into a specific flow and can be used to break the seal of the Tenkyo-jin.

The other is the physical effect.
This one is meaningful even to the average person.

By making a seal, the brain waves and parasympathetic nervous system are changed, and the ability to concentrate is increased.

”Like this, like this, and then like this. ”

like this? ”

Onmyojutsu instruction proceeded, and the damn father taught me how to make a full-fledged seal.

All I know is that it ’s safe and of little Onmyojutsu significance, but it ’ll have to suffice in this case.

”Yes, yes, good, good.
If you get bored in class, try this.
It might calm you down.
If that doesn ’t work, don ’t run away from the classroom, but instead create inside the classroom. ”

”…… ”

It ’s the words of someone he has gotten to know a little bit, and I hope he believes me and tries it.

In the meantime, I ’ll have him stop running away from the classroom because it ’s unsafe.

I hear the sound of children ’s footsteps running around the classes.

Class must have ended.

I decided to return to the classroom, wondering what to say to the teacher.

It would be good if Mamoru could adjust well to kindergarten.
It would be even better if his friendship level with me increased.

Good luck to him as he crouches in the shadow of the slide for evacuation.

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