”Thank you for inviting me here today. ”

”No, I didn ’t do anything.
Everything was prepared by my parents. ”

It ’s happening.

My ideal conversation is occurring.

We ’re having the proper conversation, like adults do.

He ’s the same kind of person as me.

”This is sudden, but I have one question for Kyobe-san. ”

”Ask me anything, I ’m at your disposal. ”

The current pleasantries are one that the children would never be able to imitate.

This is a comfortable flow.

”What do you think of all the children that are here? ”

”What do you mean? ”

You didn ’t understand ……
No, the question was too abstract.

There were too many answer choices in this case.

Let ’s change it to two choices.

”Don ’t the children here, or rather children of our age, seem to be too childish? ”

This time he understood.

After all, he must have thought the same thing.

Otherwise, he would not have the expression he has now.

After a short pondering, Kyobe-san gave his answer.

”Yes, they may be childish compared to us.
But isn ’t that fine? ”

That ’s fine.
So, you are saying that I should resign myself to it.

That this question doesn ’t need to be resolved?

Then I would not have asked the question in the first place.

you don ’t think it ’s weird? ”

”It ’s more like we ’re the ones who are acting weird.
So, I don ’t think you need to worry about it. ”

His answer changed my perspective.

There is not much of a problem with us …
being weird.
Even if we can ’t have a meaningful conversation with them currently, it doesn ’t create a major issue.

Although we can ’t have regular conversations with children our own age, that ’s just for now, it is a problem that will be solved when we grow up.

Then we shouldn ’t worry about these differences and just wait for the time to come.

”I see, it certainly doesn ’t sound like I need to worry about it. ”

”I hope my opinion was helpful to you, Minamoto-san. ”

It is absurd to ask others to change.

Looking back, why was I so concerned about such trivial matters?

Thanks to Kyobe-san, I was able to change my point of view.

”By the way, ….
My name is Shizuku.
Since you don ’t seem to remember my name, I would like to introduce myself once again. ”

”Oh, I ’m ……
Kyobe Hijiri.
Thank you for your consideration. ”

Not a problem.

If you have forgotten it, you just have to learn it again.

I then followed my mother ’s instructions and completed the task of playing with and getting to know Kyobe-san under the watchful eyes of all the invited guests.

To my surprise, for the first time outside of family and other adults in my immediate family, a game of cards was played.

His last hand movement was clearly unusual, but there is no way to prove he was cheating.

Next time, however, I will not lose.

After parting with Kyobe-san, I headed to greet Ito-san, who was closely associated with the Minamoto family, being the most important of the invited guests.

”Ito-san, welcome to our tea party.
Are you enjoying yourself? ”

”Eh? Uh, I ’m having fun. ”

”That ’s good to hear.
Please continue to enjoy yourself. ”

”Eh, what? ”

Let ’s move on to the next guest.

The girl I was talking to earlier seemed to think I was strange, but there is nothing wrong with that.

It ’s nothing to worry about.

As long as I understand what they are trying to tell me, that ’s all that matters.

I will just do my thing until they grow up someday.

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