“I really can’t stand you anymore.”

Those cold words were the first words coming from her husband in a month.

Even after witnessing his wife’s pale complexion, his cold demeanor continues, and her weak body begins to tremble.

“Madam, are you okay?”

The woman who asked and worried about Anthea wasn’t her husband but the woman in his embrace.

“I- I…”

Even as she held on to her own trembling arms, her husband didn’t show a hint of worry.
Her husband’s very cold reaction made Anthea’s eyes fill with evil as tears welled.
But Anthea’s husband’s gaze was not on her but the woman in his arms.
Her husband usually showed an expressionless face, but now a look of worry was displayed on his face as if he felt sorry.

“Bianca, are you still not taking care of yourself even in this situation?”

All her expectations were instantly shattered at that woman’s name that came out of her husband’s mouth.

“Oh, yes.
I’m fine.”

The wound on Biana’s arm was caused by the items thrown at her by Anthea was now clearly visible.
Blood dripped from the long cut onto the floor.

At Bianca’s feet laid a splendid broken music box embedded with jewels.
Even though it was one of the few precious items her husband gave her, she threw it because she couldn’t hold back her momentary anger.

Anthea looked at it with regret, and her husband sighed.

“Are you not even going to apologize? How shameless.”

Madam is ill.
I should’ve been more attentive.”

Bianca defended Anthea as if to blame herself, but Bianca’s goodwill did nothing for Anthea.

More than that, Bianca remained close to Anthea’s husband, Duke Richard, which started to anger Anthea.
Anthea bit her lip as she endured the words she wanted to say.

‘Go away.’

At the opposite reaction of the two, Richard’s sigh deepened.

“Bianca, you’re too kind.
I’ve seen everything, so there’s no need to defend her.”

Richard, who had been cold to Anthea, was as sweet as ever towards Bianca.
She wanted to scream to Bianca, saying, ‘Why are you hugging him?’, but Anthea couldn’t even open her mouth at Richard’s cold gaze.

Anthea just stared blankly at the drops of blood dripping on the white rug.
Richard gazed at Anthea for a moment and carefully held Bianca’s arm.

“Let’s get you treated first.”

“I’m fine, Sir Richard.
More than that, the madam….”

Instead of Bianca’s kind words filled with worry for Anthea, Anthea only noticed Bianca’s use of her husband’s name.
It was then that Anthea’s patience shattered.

“How dare you!”

“M- Madam?”

Bianca, who was smiling shyly at Richard, shuddered in surprise at Anthea’s anger, which was like a scream.
Bianca’s kind green eyes looking back at Anthea was just annoyance to Anthea.
Though they shared the same green eyes, Bianca’s eyes were bright, while Anthea’s eyes were dark and full of jealousy.

“You, I don’t know where you come from, but how dare you, a mere commoner, speak the duke’s name out of your mouth?”

‘How dare you say the name of my husband that I can’t even call.’

Anthea could no longer contain her jealousy, so she mentioned Bianca’s origins, a matter she had not cared about before this.

As a result, Richard’s patience also wore out.

“Ha… You’re not in a position to speak about someone’s origins.”

Richard had usually addressed Anthea as his wife, but when Richard coldly called her ‘you’, Anthea shut her mouth once again.

“Isn’t your true nature also a commoner?”

The difference between the ‘you’ directed to Bianca and Anthea was like heaven and earth.

“I am the previous Count Leslie’s….”

“You’re his adoptive daughter.
But before you were adopted, you belonged to Lenpis Viscounty.
Didn’t your family buy the viscount title?”

It makes sense how he would investigate her background since he brought someone new to his house.
But Anthea didn’t know that because he had never mentioned her family or her bloodline after marriage. 

“Since you had a weak heart, I thought you’d get used to it if I gave you time.
I didn’t know you were hiding your twisted intention.”

Richard’s cold gaze was full of contempt.
Her husband’s cold eyes came as a terrible pain to Anthea.
Anthea trembled with fear, and sadness made her fall to her knees.


“The bleeding doesn’t stop, so I think you should see a doctor.
Let’s go.”

With Anthea collapsing on the soft rug, Richard turned around with Bianca.

‘Don’t go.’

‘Don’t leave me alone.’

She swallowed up the words she couldn’t speak in her throat.

She held out her trembling again, but Richard’s back was only getting farther away, and the one who looked back was Bianca.
Ultimately, she shed tears while watching Bianca walk away with her husband.

She had married into a ducal family and had no one by her side; even her husband, who was her one hope of rescue, had abandoned her.

She realized she could no longer live here any

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