Part 4


──This was before I rushed into the plane.

We moved from the downtown area to a nearby park.
With a mischievous smile on his face, Ouma-san proposed a ridiculous idea: he would return to his normal size and make us ride on his back and then he would fly to the bottom of the hijacked plane.

Indeed, if he did that, we can fly through the sky without any problem, but Ouma-san’s existence will definitely be exposed…

“What are you worrying about? That little girl’s machine can erase human memories, anyway.”

(Yes, I can erase it.)

“How can you be so casual?”

Sure, it doesn’t matter if there are no side effects! But don’t just talk about erasing memories so easily!

“B-but if the hijackers get out of control and crash the plane…”

“Then I would just keep it on my back.”


When I froze at this outrageous statement, Ouma-san continued.

“You remember why I’m this size in the first place, don’t you?”

It’s the effect of the [Pill of Large and Small Changes]… Ah!”

“You realized? By taking that pill, I can become even bigger than my original size.
If I do that, I will be able to put the plane on my back.”

Ouma-san’s original form was indeed more than big enough, but if he becomes even bigger… I can’t imagine how it would be.

“Of course, if I just place it on my back, the wind will blow it off.
I’ll use my magic to keep it in place.”

“Ouma-san, you’re amazing!”

“Fuhahaha! I know, I know! I’m the Genesis Dragon, after all!”

“Ah, that’s right!”

“Are you forgetting it?”

No, it’s not that I forgot about it, but… I didn’t get a chance to see much of what he’s capable of as the Genesis Dragon.

“W-well, isn’t that nice? Then let’s go right to it!”

“Mm… You’ve seemed to have avoided the question somehow… but that’s okay.
Then, stay away for a while…!”

When Ouma-san took off his pet clothes, he grew larger and larger on the spot.

The people around us widened their eyes at the sight of Ouma-san’s huge size, since he was no longer trying to hide from the people.

“W-what is that?”

“W-what the hell is going on here?”

“N-no way? A dragon?”

“Hey… take a photo!”

As everyone rushed to take pictures and videos, Merl-san jumped on the back of the enlarged Ouma-san and said plainly.

(Okay, I’ll erase it then.)

“Eh ── ah…”


The eyes of the people nearby gradually became vacant, and they began to stare blankly.
Eh, there are really no side effects, right? This is really okay, isn’t it?

“What are you doing? Get on my back now.”

(That’s right.
Their consciousness is clouded by the effects of the memory manipulation right now, but if they wake up again, I’ll have to erase their memories again…)

“I-I understand!”

Even if there are no side effects, it would not be good to have your memory manipulated repeatedly.

I hurriedly jumped on Ouma-san’s back, and he smiled.

“Now that you’re on board.

“P-please wait! If I don’t hold on properly, the wind will──”

Just when I thought Ouma-san had just spread his wings… we were already above the clouds.

“N-no way…”

I’m not just a dragon that you can find anywhere.
It’s no big deal to soar into the sky like this.”


I didn’t feel the movement as we flew up into the sky, and in an instant, we were above the clouds.

Merl-san seemed to be surprised and dumbfounded by this.

(W-who the heck is Ouma-san exactly…? How can he fly so high in an instant…?)

There is no way that others can measure who I am, you know? More importantly… I can see it now.”


Ouma-san’s words caught my attention and I looked ahead to see a plane.

“Is that the plane that was hijacked?”

“That’s right.
Ouma-san, can you fly alongside it? I’d like to check the situation inside through the window…”


Ouma-san quietly accelerated and was instantly alongside the plane.
The flight was so smooth that I didn’t feel the slightest bit of the jerk.

“How’s it? What’s it like inside…?”


When I looked into the window, I saw a group of men wearing ski masks, holding guns, and walking around, clearly indicating that they were criminals.

“…Yeah, it seems that they are on this plane──”

Just as I was about to say that, I saw a girl notice us outside the window and stare at us in amazement.
The girl looked so appalled that I smiled and waved my hand lightly.

The girl followed suit and waved back but then immediately shook her head.
Apparently, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
I guess that’s understandable.
If I were in her shoes, I’d doubt my eyes and brain, too.

“Hmm? Hey, Yuuya.
What’s the result?”

“Oh, I’m sorry! This is the right plane!”

“I see.
Then I’ll immediately use binding magic to hold this plane to my back…!”

As soon as he said that, Ouma-san’s figure grew larger and larger until it was so huge that it looked like an island.

Then, despite being such a giant, he moved right underneath the plane without making a sound and then floated up to the sky to put the plane on his back.

Ouma-san activated his magic to bind the plane on his back.

The binding was completed without any problems.
You take care of the inside.”


I’ve had Ouma-san’s help up to this point.
I can’t afford to fail on my part.

As I approached the plane to board it, I noticed something.

“…How am I supposed to get into this plane?”

That’s right; I don’t have any way to get inside the plane.

If I were to simply break down the door, I could get in, but if I did that, there’s a chance that the air pressure or something would suck the things out from the cabin, like in the movies.

Since Merl-san and I are able to stand on Ouma-san’s back without any problems, it seems that Ouma-san has taken care of the air pressure and wind pressure, but I want to be sure.

Then, Merl-san opened his mouth.

(You just need to get inside this plane, right?)

“Eh? Ah, yes.
Can you do something about it? But even if you do, I’d like to make sure there’s no danger to the passengers inside…”

(Please leave this to me.
Amel’s technology is far ahead of this planet’s.)

Space technology is so amazing.
No, in this case, is it the planet Amel that’s amazing? Anyway, I can only thank Merl-san for her technology.

When Merl-san lightly operated the terminal in place, something like a vortex appeared at the plane’s boarding gate.

(If you dive through this, you can get inside.)

“Thank you very much!”

While thanking Merl-san, I hurriedly entered the plane and tried to get to the men with the ski masks I had seen earlier.

As I did so, I walked down the passenger corridor, and everyone’s eyes widened at the sudden appearance of Merl-san and me.


“Where did you come from?”

Then, one of the men in a ski mask appeared from the other side of the corridor.

“Wha? Hey, why are you wandering around──”

The man said something as he held up his gun, but I didn’t listen to him until the end.
I closed the distance between us and unleashed a palm strike on the man’s body.



The man was blown away, breaking the walls of the plane and plunging into a certain area.
There were other men in ski masks who seemed to be with the man, as well as a girl.

“Ah, the guy from before!”

“Ah, yes.”

The girl pointed at me and shouted, to which I responded by raising my hand.

But when the men saw me, they all raised their guns at once.
Then, one of them pulled the girl closer and pointed his gun at her.

“Hey, don’t move!”


“Who are you…? Are you some kind of special forces? You’ve got a lot of nerve coming in here with just two people, huh? I don’t know how you got here, but you need to disarm yourself and put your head on the floor.
If you don’t, this woman will──”

As the man said that, he brought the gun even closer to the girl, and the girl’s face tightened with fear.

At that moment, I released all the power from the [Magic Attire], the Evil and [Holy King’s Authority].
In an instant, I approached the man who was holding the girl hostage, and I knocked him away and took the girl in my arms.



“Are you okay?”

The girl didn’t seem to understand what had happened and stared at me in a daze, but eventually, she realized her situation and nodded while her face turning red.

Huh? This girl seems to be somewhat similar to Kaori…

“Could it be that you are Kaori’s…?”

“Eh!? D-do you know my sister?”

“Ah, no… ahahaha.”

The girl who heard my mumbling opened her eyes and stared at me.
I was just surprised that I slipped my mouth.

I laughed at the girl’s reaction as if to cover it up, but I had to deal with this situation first.
But for now, I’m glad she’s okay.

“Merl-san, can I ask you to take care of this girl?”

(Yes, I’ll take care of her.)

I left the girl in Merl-san’s care and turned my gaze to the hijackers, who were stunned not only by the instantaneous rescue of the hostage but also by the defeat of their comrades.

“Are you the only people left…?”

“Wha? H-hey, you guys! Kill them now!”

“B-but the ransom…”

“It doesn’t matter! The plan has failed.
We’re going to take them all out! Just do it!”


The men took up what looked like machine guns and fired mercilessly at us.

They were firing wildly without regard for the other passengers or the plane, and if they continued, they might break the plane’s windows and cause damage to other passengers.

So I carefully retrieved all the bullets that had been fired.

Now that I’ve activated my [Magic Attire], Evil, and even [Holy King’s Authority], the speed of the bullets is very slow, and I have plenty of time to collect them without causing any damage to my surroundings.

The men were shooting their bullets, and when they finally ran out of ammunition, their faces turned pale.

“H-hey, what’s going on with… why are the passengers and the plane unharmed…!”

“H-he’s not human… this isn’t the world of manga…!”

I may indeed be unreasonable from their perspective.
But if I can save someone’s life, I wouldn’t care for the method.


I threw away the bullets I had collected on the spot, and this time I put the men out of their consciousness one after another and finally succeeded in restraining them, including the hijackers who were in the cockpit.

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