re suffering.

“…Show me.”

“Thank you, Healer!”

In the end, she treated every last person.

“Healer, are you alright?”

“Yes, yes.
Let’s get a move on.” She waved their concern away.

They were in a devastated city, behind a gate that seemed to replicate the apocalypse one usually saw in the movies.

Seo-ah was an E-class healer, but in fact, she had never entered a gate before or used her skills properly.

‘If it weren’t for this situation, for that hunter’s sacrifice, I wouldn’t have revealed myself at all.’

“Oh, the gate…!”

Everyone raised their heads at someone’s hopeful cry.

Indeed, a blue vortex had appeared in the middle of a half-collapsed wall.
Considering its size, though, it seemed that it could not accommodate the passage of a large group of people.

“Wow, I’m saved!”

The people cheered.

“Hush! If you shout like that, the monster…!” Seo-ah warned them, but it was too late.


One of the monsters in this world ran to their hiding place.

“Let’s get out of here!” The man who was just in front of the gate ran in first.

On average, it took 5 seconds for a single person to pass.
As the rumbling grew louder, people stampeded towards the gate in fear.

“Get out of my way! Next time, I’ll…!”

“Argh! Me first!”

The vibrations further weakened the collapsed building, causing concrete debris to fall from above.

“Run!” Seo-ah pushed the child in when there were only four of them left.

She was yanked away at that moment.

“Out of my way!”


Seo-ah was an E-class healer whose physical prowess was no different from that of ordinary people.
Still, not a single one from those she’d healed thought to help her leave.

It was no time to be disappointed, though.
From the sound of the monster’s trilling, it had probably already discovered them.

The frightened people screeched, having forgotten that they had to keep quiet.

In the meantime, there were only three of them left in this world.
Then two.

Seo-ah tried to hide by sticking to the wall.

“Get away!” The man, who had clung to her when he had a broken foot, threw her to the floor without hesitation and scrambled to the gate.

“Mmph, that was too much.”

The monster was right above her, but she could no longer move.

‘I’m screwed.’

Its eyes stared down at her through the broken ceiling.

She was terrified.

It swung its arm once and the concrete was blown away entirely, the gray sky filling her vision.

Seo-ah couldn’t even lift a finger as she stared back at her looming death.

Just then, however, a blue window popped up.

[ The system has discovered your hidden abilities.


The monster’s hand stopped moving.
Everything went silent.
It was as if time had stopped.

[ This process will take a few minutes… ]

She blinked.
Was this a hallucination? The light one saw before death?

The window changed.

[ Park Seo-ah (21)… You are an S-class supporter (Locked)! ]

Well, she didn’t know what that was, but she knew what ‘S-class’ meant.

“What’s a supporter?” she blurted out.

But there was no answer, and the system window disappeared.
At the same time, the monster’s hand quickly descended.

Seo-ah rolled sideways with all her might.

Bang! Crack!

There was a huge dent on the floor where she’d just been.

She managed to avoid the first attack, but she was still far from the exit.
The monster struck again without giving her the time to breathe.


There was no longer anywhere to go, and she really was exhausted.

Seo-ah crouched and covered her head.

Then she was lifted and placed right in front of the gate in an instant.

“Wha—?” She opened her eyes and saw the monster’s severed hand.

It backed away, howling in pain.


There was a very handsome man staring at her.

The turn of events seemed impossible, but… it was definitely something this man could do.

Seo-ah cried out in surprise, “Yoo Ji-an!”

Yoo Ji-an was an S-class hunter who was ranked first in Korea and third in the whole world.
There was no one who didn’t know his face.

And he was looking at her wordlessly, the intensity of his gaze deafening.

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