Seo-ah was fast asleep when she heard a strange beeping sound.

“Mmmph… Ugh.” She covered her ears, but the disturbance seemed like it was coming from inside her head.

A blue system window was floating in front of her eyes when she opened them.

[ If you don’t activate your capabilities as an S-class supporter within the given time period, you will die! (D-99) ]

Seo-ah rubbed her eyes.

Was she still dreaming?


No, no she wasn’t.

“There was nothing like this yesterday…” she mumbled.

Of course, she’d fallen dead asleep the day before, so she hadn’t really read the system window or anything else.

‘…die! (D-99)’

‘…die! (D-99)’

‘…die! (D-99)’

Those letters stood out to her despite being the same size as the rest of the text.

“D-death!? I’ll… die?”

She hurriedly opened her status window.


[ Park Seo-ah (21).
Position: Healer (E-class), Supporter(!) (S-class/Locked).
Title: None.
Life: 10/10.
Mana: 12/12.
Stats: Insignificant and cannot be displayed (Values below 1 are not displayed).
Physical Strength: 3.
Mental Strength: 10.
Active Skills(!): Recovery (Lv.
1), Locked(!).

“Yeah, there was no such thing…”

Seo-ah berated herself for not paying more attention to her notifications.

[ If you don’t activate your capabilities as an S-class supporter within the given time period, you will die! (D-99) ]

The words were still there, clear as day.

“So, what is a… ‘supporter’?”

As if responding to her musing, the words in the status window sparkled.
She tapped on them.

[ Supporter: A person who boosts morale, provides encouragement.


Seo-ah didn’t know that the system window included dictionary functions.
Astonished she set her eyes on the other unfamiliar words on the status window.

[ Skill Activation Guide ]

“This might help.”

Then her shoulders trembled, her face turning red.

[ Mission 1: Touch the Hunter ]

“You want me to t-touch…? Where…?”





“Shh.” Seo-ah quickly pulled the panicking child into her arms.


A toad-like, house-sized monster was stomping closer, all while chewing something.

She didn’t even want to think about what that was.
When she was first caught in the gate, there were definitely dozens of people with her, but now most of them had disappeared.

‘We’re the only ones left.’

The handful of survivors was now hiding under the rubble of the collapsed building.



The monster’s steps grew louder as they approached.
Its large feet became visible through the rubble.

Seo-ah hugged the child tightly and screwed her eyes shut.
Those who were gasping in pain also covered their noses and mouths.
From what they’d seen so far, the monsters in this location were particularly sensitive to noises.

‘How long has it been?’

Fortunately, the toad passed them entirely and went farther and farther away.

She sighed in relief as soon as the footsteps became inaudible, then glanced at her watch.

‘It’s been a while…’

All gates were open for the first 30 minutes after their creation and remained closed for the next 1-2 hours.

In this world, the word ‘gate’ was used interchangeably with the concept of the entryway and the other world that lay beyond it.

So, if it was a ‘D-class gate’, it referred to both the world with mostly D-class monsters and the door to it.

Right now, their only hope was that they could escape in half an hour.

People crept back to Seo-ah.

“Hea… ler…”

“Oh.” She frowned, already exhausted from using unfamiliar skills.

However, she couldn’t just turn a blind eye to those who we

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