Chapter 20 _ Does my love frightens you?

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After that day, Qin Mu found that the number of encounters with Xie GE began to increase, Whether, on the way to school or playing with friends, there was always the presence of Xie Ge.





As a small follower of Qin Mu, Su Jiayu of course followed closely.
Since he was hit by Xie Ge and his candy was also grabbed by him last time so when he saw him now, his face become pale and he subconsciously hid behind Qin Mu.




” Little brother.” 



The small hand clung to Qin Mu's sleeves, and Su Jia was shrunk and refused to come out behind Qin Mu. 




This made Qin Mu who wanted to ignore Xie GE, have to face up and be impatient and flared up,” What the h*ll are you doing here?”   Xie Ge's family Don”t live here.
It is not easy to meet every day. 




Hearing the impatient in Qin Mu's words, Xie Ge lowered his head, ” Nothing.” 


Then from his pocket, he took out a bag of things and threw it at Qin Mu's feet,” This is for you.” 





“What? ”  Qin Mu frowned, picked up the bag of things, and tore open the outer packaging, it contained countless sparkling gold coins. 



Qin Mu looked up at Xie Ge with surprise,” What do you mean by these gold coins?” 



” These goods, did you steal..


Xie Ge sneered at this and his black and thin face was full of ecstasy, ” This is chocolate, it is my mother's  customer brought back from outside, there is no such thing.”  When he talked about customers,he looked so indifferent like these people has nothing to do with him. 




Qin Mu couldn't t help but glance at Xie Ge.
He found that he was wearing a clean little vest today.
His hair was soft and fluffy.
He didn't have the image of a small rogue.  




On a closer look, Xie Ge was thin and small but his facial features are not poor. 





Qin Mu once looked at Xie Ge's mother from far away, At that time she was wearing cheap and exposed clothes, and she was sprayed with strong pungent perfume, but her facial features were exquisite and beautiful, and she didn't lose to the actress on TV. 






And Xie Ge's appearance followed Xie's Mother, eyebrows and eyes..
Even if he is compared to white bun Su Jiayu, he would not fall behind in looks. 



However, unlike Su Jiayu's clear and pure eyes, Xie Ge's eyes are bright but people, who looking at them, feel uncomfortable.
They all say that the eyes are windows of the soul.
When you will look at Xie Ge's eyes, you feel his sinister heart.






Qin Mu does not like to eat other people's things, especially the bad children's things. 




” You take it back, I don't want it.” 



Hearing this, Xie Ge's face sank in disappointment, then he said, ” If you don't want it, then throw it away.
“, angrily stumped his foot and turned around, and ran away. 







The more he thinks about it the more he becomes angry.

The delicious chocolate, it is also the first time for him to have them, he did not eat a few and gave them all to Qin Mu and the guy actually did not appreciate it!! 


That guy won't throw it actually?  Thinking of this, Xie Ge stopped and hesitated for a few seconds in the same place and slammed his feet, and trued back again to see. 




This box. 


Qin Mu frowned at the ” Gold coins” in his hands, Xie Ge told him if not want to eat then throw them, he can not really throw them?  Just when he was troubled about how to deal with the ” gold coins”, he saw that Shui Gou is looking at the ” gold coins” in his hands and swallowing from time to time.
He thought about it and asked, ” Do you want to ear them, Shui Gou.” 



[Shui gou = little fruit, I will use Su Jiayu or little fruit from now onwrd]



The fruit nodded hard, and replied in a crispy voice, ” I want to eat.” 


After a pause, he whispered: “My mother used to buy it for me back then, it was delicious.” 



Knowing that his mother is referring to his biological mother, Qin Mu immediately blocked his mouth, ” In the future, you cannot say this kind of words to others.” 



” Well, I will only talk to my little brother.



Qin Mu touched the small head of the fruit, ” I will definitely take you to your mom and dad in the future .”   this sentence he said to him many times in private, every time he sid with a firm belief. 





He took out a ” gold coin” and looked curiously then opened the golden sugar paper outside, revealing the brown core inside.   


Just what Xie Ge said about this? 


 Chocolate?  Can this black food really be eaten? 



” Little brother.”  Qin Mu looked down and saw the fruit facing up with opened mouth, like a young bird withing to be fed. 



After hesitating a few seconds, Qin Mu stuffed the chocolate into the mouth of the fruit. 





As soon as he tasted it, the fruit enjoyed half squinting and his eyes were swaying purely with happiness.
He ate one opened his mouth.
His original pink tongue was stained with a layer of ” Mud”   Qin Mu asked indefinitely: ” Is it delicious?” 



” Hmmm.”



So Qin Mu peeled another into the mouth of the fruit. 



Fruit hmmed and ate, and asked him: ” little brother, why don't you eat?” 



Qin Mu saw fruit found so delicious that he could not help but even lick his lips: ” I don't like to eat, these are left for you to eat.” 

He thought this chocolate is estimated to be similar to sugar. 

Qin Mu added: ” Eat one every day later, to prevent tooth decay.” 




The fruit licked his teeth and nodded skillfully. 



The two held their hands and walked home, the afterglow of the setting sun gave them a golden light on their back. 



This harmonious scene fell into the eyes of Xie Ge, only to be extremely unsightly. 


He was just hiding in the dark and heard the dialogue between two people.
when he thought that the chocolate he couldn't bear to eat was now in the mouth of Su Jiayu he couldn't wait to throw the chocolate in the stinking ditch back then.








He thought that his grievances with Xie Ge should be able to write off now.
But the result is Xie Ge on the other hand came from time to time and provoked them.



Qin Mu doesn't want to pay any attention to him so he ignored him. 

Xie Ge estimated it and that he could not beat him so he specifically bullied the fruit in his absence.
Whenever he came back he would see the fruit crying.



Qin Mu always protected the fruit, knowing that the fruit was being bullied he immediately went to Xie Ge to settle accounts. 




He saw Xie Ge sitting at the door of Xie Ge's house. 



At that time, Xie Ge's face was purple and blue.
When he saw he knew that he was beaten again.
Qin Mu had also fought before but since the fruit came he has converged a lot, thinking about studying well, going to collide, and going out in the future, Gettin out of this village. 




Seein Qin Mu, Xie Ge's eyes lit up, and he immediately bowed his head, trying to cover his battered face.
Qin Mu went straight forward pushed Xie Ge hard: ” You Bullied the fruit? ” 




” That kid looked for you to help? ” Xie Ge stepped back after being pushed, there was no fear on his face as he faced him with his thin chest.



Qin Mu didn't answer him, only repeated his question: ” I asked if you bullied him? ” 



” So what if I did? ” Xie Ge looked provocative: ” You want to beat me?”




Qin Mu: ” Why are you bullying him?” 



” I jsst hate him.”  Xie Ge licked the wounds on his lips and provoked further : ” Dont think that i am afraid of you, would you dare to hit me and try?'”


His cocky look fell into Qin Mu eyes, He almost throwed a punch at him.
He clenched his fist hard, ” I dont want to fight with you, just dont bully him.” He promised Grandma that he wont fight easily with someone.




” Why?” 


” ….” 


”  What will i get  if I dont bully him.”  He just threatened Su Jiayu with a few words.
who knows that the kid is so coward and got scared. 




Qin Mu looked quietly at him. 



Xie Ge sighed,” As long as you are friends with me, i will not bully him.”



Qin Mu didn't expect the other party to make this request and his eyes flashed a surprised look.
Xie Ge saw this that he didn't respond.


His eyes got cold and he said, ” Are you like other people, and look down on me?” 




” I …I dont look down on you.” 



Qin Mu's impression of Xie Ge is really bad.
If he can , he does not want to have any intersection with Xie Ge, but he will not agree with this time.
With Xie Ge style, he will definitely do a lot of small moves behind his back. 




Forget aboutit, it would be better to have a follow-up and Xie Ge will stay in his eyesight and he could protect the fruit. 




so under the gaze of Xie Ge, Qin Mu slightly reluctantly said, ” Well, I will cover for you in the future.” 







Later On Qin Mu came to knew that Xie Ge looked small and thin but he is only one year yongger than him. 



Xie Ge has good looks but his eyes are too evil, Qin Mu did not  really treat him as friend at first.
He had been together for a long time, he found that the Xie Ge company were not bad at least.
At least he didn't do any evil.
After a long time, QinMu gradually began to accept him. 



Su Jiayo and Xie Ge seem to be innately aginst each other. 



Altough Xie Ge did not bully Su Jiayu, but he also did not put any good vibes to him too, Su Jiayu was soft even if he did not like Xie Ge from the bottom of his heart, he did not say anything to Qin Mu.



Time slips away like fine sands from the fingers. 



It have been seven years since he turned his eyes. 





This year, Qin Mu was sixteen years old, the monkey was fifteen and the fruit was thirteen. 



When Su jiayu was little, he showed the talent in reading.
He jumped three times in a row  and just in the same class as Qin Mu.
As far Xie Ge, his academic performance was a mess and they thought abut waiting for junior hight school to go out together.








However, just this year, something happened and changed their life paths.

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