The next day, the major entertainment magazines described in detail the romantic proposal between Gu Qin and Qin Mu along with a beautiful picture of the two kissing.
Although Gu Qin suppressed the news quickly, it was not quick enough.
The gossip still keeps spreading, and even gossip enthusiasts praise Qin Mu saying that there is nothing in the sky, implying that Gu Qin bought Qin Mu’s company in order to get Qin Mu.

    After Qin Mu went to Gu Qin’s office, he set aside the materials and sat on the sofa to read the suppressed magazine.
He read the magazine that was removed from shelves with relish and touched his face occasionally.
On the other hand, Gu Qin’s face was dark, and he was in an extremely ugly mood.
Everyone in the company saw that the boss was in a bad mood, so no one wanted to stay around and be the boss’ punching bag.
This allowed Qin Mu to get the information from Gu Qin that he wanted.

    After reading the pages of the magazine about him with relish, Qin Mu put down the magazine and questioned the aforementioned grumpy person: “So… Is what the magazine says true?”

    Gu Qin: “…What?”

   Pointing to the column in the magazine with a slender finger, Qin Mu said, “It said that you came to this company to get close to me.”

    Gu Qin: “It’s nonsense.” 

  After closing the magazine, Qin Mu got up and walked to Gu Qin’s desk, with both hands on the table, leaning forward, and his breathtakingly handsome face slowly approached Gu Qin, “Hey… I say–“


    “Have you had a crush on me since a long time ago?”


   “Did it start that time at the hotel ?” Qin Mu tilted his head and glanced at Gu Qin, with an ambiguous smile in his eyes: “You fell in love with me at first sight?”

    Gu Qin quickly denied: “No.”

   Qin Mu chuckled lightly and clearly conveyed the meaning of “Don’t deny that I saw it long ago” in his eyes.
Gu Qin was silent, his head lowered and ignoring him, just focusing on the documents in his hand.
No longer teasing him, Qin Mu turned around and half sat on Gu Qin’s desk.
Since establishing a relationship with Gu Qin, he has become more and more casual in front of Gu Qin, which can be said to be exposing his true nature.

    “I have something to discuss with you.” Qin Mu thought for a while.

   The pen held in Gu Qin’s hand kept marking something, and he said concisely, “Yes?”

 Qin Mu thought for a few seconds, “Our wedding, I want to invite Su Hanyu to attend.”

     The pen in the young man’s hand suddenly stopped.
He still didn’t lift his eyes, but asked faintly: “Do you still like him?” Once Gu Qin asked Qin Mu this question, Qin Mu did not hesitate to answer it.


   The young man raised his pen again, and Qin Mu glanced at him.
Gu Qin was immersed in his work, not at all affected by the topic just now.
He was a little worried, and confirmed again: “Do you really not mind? If you don’t want him to come, then…”

     “I don’t mind.” Gu Qin interrupted Qin Mu’s words and raised his eyes.
The obsidian pupils stared directly at Qin Mu, his thin lips slightly opened: “No matter what you say, I believe you.”

      For the first time under the gaze of the youth’s bright and clear eyes, Qin Mu somehow had a rare guilty conscience.
He bowed his head and avoided Gu Qin’s gaze, so he did not see the youth’s eyes darkening in the next second.
Qin Mu covered his mouth with a fist, and cleared his throat, “If there is no problem, that’s good.”

    “En.” Gu Qin nodded.

    The youth at this time seemed to be quieter and more silent than before.
Qin Mu secretly scolded himself that he was living and going back (1), when he would not dare to look into Gu Qin’s eyes.

   In the evening, Gu Qin had to attend a cocktail party temporarily and asked Qin Mu to go home first.
When he arrived in the house, facing the deserted house alone, Qin Mu felt a little uncomfortable.
Habits are really bad.
Although this is a virtual world, it could be calculated that he spends more time with Gu Qin now, than he spent with any of those past lovers in real life.

     Qin Mu stayed in the living room for a few seconds, opened the refrigerator, and there were dumplings made by Gu Qin last night.
He made himself a bowl of dumplings and brought them to the dining table in the living room.
Just as he took a bite of the dumplings, the phone rang out.
Thinking that it was Gu Qin calling, Qin Mu directly swallowed the still steaming dumpling before picking up the phone: “Hello?”

    “Qin Mu.” A vaguely familiar voice came from the phone.

    It is Qi Zicong.
Qin Mu took a tissue and wiped his mouth, “What’s the matter?”

    “…I heard that you are going to marry the president of the Gu Group.” The news seemed to have spread really quickly despite Gu Qin’s efforts to suppress it.

    Qin Mu hummed and waited quietly for a few seconds.
Qi Zicong’s voice came again, somewhat incoherent, and mixed with a quiet cry: “I didn’t expect you to get married so soon.
I thought I still had a chance… I can wait.
You don’t like me annoying you so I try my best not to call you, but why can’t you even give me the last bit of hope?”

    “Sorry, I was only using you.”

    Qin Mu didn’t expect Qi Zicong to be very affectionate to him.

    “I know… as long as you still need me, I am willing to let you use me.” Qi Zicong’s voice seemed a little anxious on the phone.

   Qin Mu had teased a lot of people before his death, and many had a crush on him.
If it was not for that one assertion from the old fortune-teller, maybe he would have provoked even more people.
Sometimes he would be complacent about his charm and laugh at the bottom of his heart.
Those who are obsessed with him, besides a face, what else does he have that others should like?

     However, he seems to be born with the charm to attract others to fall in love with him, no matter who they are, as long as he wants to, there is no exception.
He admits that he is a scumbag, and has never thought of changing, playing the world is his lifelong goal, and his innate charm value allows him to easily get what he wants.

    But he doesn’t want love, only desire.

    At this moment, since Qi Zicong was so straightforward, Qin Mu did not continue to pretend to be gentle, “Since you say that, then I really do need your help with a matter…” After hanging up the phone, the remaining dumplings were almost cold.

    Qin Mu slowly finished off the last of the crystal clear dumplings laying in his bowl, then got up and washed the dishes and chopsticks.
When he came out of the kitchen, the phone rang again.
This time, the person calling is Su Hanyu.

    Qin Mu was not in a hurry to answer the call, and leisurely towel-dried the water droplets from his hands.
Waiting to answer the call until the last ring before it was sent to voicemail.
“Hello?” There was no voice on the other end of the call, but Qin Mu was sure Su Hanyu was listening.
Qin Mu didn’t speak but waited patiently.
He didn’t know how long it took, maybe a few minutes, or maybe longer, until Su Hanyu finally said slowly, “Congratulations.”

(1): I am actually a little unsure but from what I can understand it seems to be along the lines of “The longer you live, the more you try to go back”? Like a regret maybe?

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