Continuing to stare at the ceiling, the reborn John reflected on new memories for him and the life lived by the boy, whose place he took. Did he steal his identity or is it just a long dream after which a new Jonathan has woken up? Time will tell, but in the meantime, what conclusions did the new person make in a fifteen-year-old body? What thoughts were passing through his still hazy mind?

– A strange time in human life, the transition from childhood to adulthood. Things around are getting clearer and more boring, fun and carelessness are further in the past. New hobbies and problems appear, female friends become more interesting, simple walks turn into something more, while you yourself are not sure if this is really the case? Or is it all your imagination? Uncertainty, fear and anxiety consume young people. Is it bad? Or is it good? If a person has enough willpower and courage, then the school years can be the most vivid, memorable period in life. However, for most people, this is a time of confusion, and the severity of wrong decisions or actions will weigh on them for the rest of their lives. How did the old John live them? There is still some time left before my appearance. What happened to the first romantic attachment of the little, no, already young Jonathan Vick?


The awkward but touching scene by the campfire dragged on. Both teenagers had no idea what to do next. How do I start a new conversation? What can I say to stop this prolonged pause? Here you are communicating as new best friends, after 15 minutes, one emotional breakdown and one prolonged hug, you can no longer utter at least one word to each other. Thoughts rush like meteorites across the night sky, and choosing which one is worth voicing is a more difficult task than biting your elbow.

John, as the bolder of a couple of children who in one evening turned from acquaintances into someone closer than just friends, decided to speak first. Still maintaining a warm embrace, the guy began his series of revelations.

– Jess, I recently realized that despite all my popularity at school, a wide circle of friends and no problems with social life, I am still lonely . I think its more accurate to say I was lonely now, isn it?

Pulling away from the black-haired girl a little, John asked, looking into her eyes. Pulling a teasing smile on his face.

– Because now I have you. My new best, and most important, my first friend. In fact, Im not the way everyone sees me. I created this image because of my self-doubt and fear of communicating with people. My grandfather taught me to understand people, to notice their smallest movements and changes in behavior or voice. What I see does not allow me to really communicate with the guys at school. Therefore, I am glad that you have opened your soul to me by sharing the burden that weighs on you. In return, I will tell you something that even grandparents don know about. The fact is that in my dreams I see other realities where I am a different person. Sometimes I think they
e both me. One of them is very strange. Its like hes watching how I live, assessing what decisions Ive made, what Ive done and what Ive achieved. He is me, only older, more cheerful and open than real me. He doesn worry about other peoples opinions and does only what he thinks is right or wants to do. I feel like Im going to become him soon.

Jessica stared at the new, dear person with bulging eyes.

– This second you, is he bad and tells you to do strange things?

– What kind of things?

– Is he whispering to you to kill yourself or someone else?I recently watched a movie and there was something similar. Must we go to church?

– Ahahahaha, was there a hotel in the mountains in that movie by any chance? Or the boy who rode through the corridors on a tricycle?

– How did you know?

– Its simple, bend over and Ill whisper in your ear.

John whispered mysteriously. On his face appeared the same crappy smile that Isolde had seen so often. Jessica cautiously reached out to him, waiting for an answer.

– ”Redrum ”.

Johnny whispered in an impassive and creepy voice, scaring the young girl so much that her whole body shuddered, and panic froze in her eyes.

Seeing her reaction, the guy could not contain his laughter and laughed so hard that he fell off the log, continuing to laugh louder and louder. Looking at Jesses shocked face, the guys laughter turned into hysteria.

Realizing that her first friend had arranged a prank for her, the girl got angry.

– Jonathan Vick, I almost turned gray with fear. Get ready, now Im going to beat you, be a good boy, don resist.

– You should have seen your face, ahahahah.

– You
e a dirty liar, a fool, and a lousy scoundrel!

Jessica attacked the guy with her fists and screamed. Despite all the threats, her face was decorated with a wide smile. She didn take offense at John, but she still felt angry because of the joke, so she didn hit John hard enough to injure him, but hard enough to hurt him, only restraining the force a little.

Gradually, the friendly beating turned into a tickling, and then into an embrace.

After a while, they both froze, looking into each others eyes. The atmosphere of fun gradually heated up. Johns hands rested on the girls waist, and Jessica rested her elbows on the guys chest, hovering over him. Only a few centimeters separated their faces, and their lips were both parted.

Without realizing what was happening, they both reached out to each other. A moment later, a couple of lovers, not friends, shared the first kiss in their lives.

The flames of the fire lit up the scene of the first, awkward and innocent kiss. The stars decorated the night sky with a diamond scattering, and the moon twinkled, reflecting on the water surface of the mountain lake. The couples kiss was interrupted due to dwindling air reserves, with a wet sound of parting lips and a light, barely noticeable moan, Jessica raised her head and sat on Johns lap. Avoiding his gaze, the girls face turned crimson, the color spread over the neck and even the ears of the young lady.

– Jess, I think I like you.

The cherished words for any girl in love caught Jessica off guard.

– I like you too.

Gathering her thoughts, drifting in the clouds, Jess said.

– So now we
e dating?

– Yes.

Smiles blossomed on their faces.

Lifting Jessica in his arms, Jonathan sat back down on the log. Sitting her on his lap, with her back to him, the guy hugged her.

After an hour of calf tenderness, the couple was going to return back home. Saddling their horses, they spent the way home with trivial conversations.

When he got to the ODwyer farm, unharnessing the horses in the barn, John offered the girl a cup of tea before going to bed, to which she agreed without hesitation.

Hot and soothing tea, on an autumn night, under the stars of the boundless dark sky, disposed the couple to continue the kissing session. Dozens of minutes flew by in the blink of an eye, the teenagers continued to kiss until late night, eventually falling asleep in the attic, hugging, in an improvised bed of rectangular haystacks and a blanket with a pillow .

Early in the morning, before sunrise, an old farmer came to the barn in search of his grandson with a bucket of cold water in his hands.

– Again, this tomboy ran off to sleep in the barn. Not a problem , now Ill wake him up with the old proven method.

Having climbed up to the attic, grandfather Vladislav froze in shock, a dirty smile stretched on the old mans face. Quietly retreating from the attic, like a spy on a mission, the cheerful grandfather ran into the house.

– Isolde urgently take a camera and follow me, it will make your day and we will be able to tease our grandson for a very long time. Hurry up!

And now two old men are carefully creeping to the attic of the cursed, red-and-white barn. Seeing the picture promised by her husband, Isolde also smiled slyly and devilish lights cunningly danced in her eyes. The camera flashes illuminated the sleeping children, waking them from sleep. With an effort, opening their eyes, John and Jessica looked at each other hugging, not noticing that they had company.

– Ahem-ahem. Thats not what I meant when I asked if you liked my grandson, Jesse.

Isolde said sarcastically. Shocking the girl and finally waking John up.

– I want a great-grandson.

Vladislav Petrovich said in a confident tone. Catching Jonathan by surprise and forcing Jessica to hide under the blanket with a squeal.

– Grandfather, what are you talking about? You raised me to be a gentleman, only second base on the first date.

Johnny said with an air of importance. Causing grandfathers laughter, grandmothers heavy sigh and a stinging pinch on the side from Jesse.

Breakfast was quiet, except for the jokes from the elderly couple. The guy ignored them or joked in response. And the girl, despite her embarrassment, felt the warm family atmosphere and smiled.

After breakfast, Isolde started talking about Johns birthday.

– Dear grandson, you turned 15 years old today. How do you want to celebrate your birthday? Although I can guess some.

– Grams , do you want an honest answer or a modest one?

– Lets start with a modest one.

– Going outside with Jess.

Johnny simply replied.

The girl looked at her boyfriend with surprise.

– And what kind of honest one is then?

The girl asked, frowning.

Another sly smile on Johns face and the sound of Aunt Isoldes palm slapping on her forehead hinted to Jessica that there was going to be another stupid joke.

Looking Grandma straight in the eye, John smiled.

– Kissing Jess.

Vladislav was laughing again, secretly proud of his grandson, and Isolde was grumbling. Jessica just stared silently at her plate of pancakes, thinking that she really liked this option, but she wasn going to say it.

Johns birthday passed quietly as always, a call from his parents wishing him all the best. Calls from friends in the style of ”Happiness, health ”, the only change that happened this year, which the young man was happy about every second – a nice girl next to him.

A hearty festive lunch and a quiet family dinner with gifts.

The first gift was from Isolde.

– Its the family cross of the ODwyer clan. It is made from the crown of the first King of Ireland. Legend has it that the emerald in the middle is the dragons eye. As the last man in our family, you are obliged to wear it and keep its legacy.

– Thank you Grandma, I will always wear it. But why am I hearing about the ODwyer clan for the first time?

-Because you weren fifteen. Then Ill give you a book with the history of our clan.

– Okay, Grandma, I love you. Thanks again for the gift.

John said, hugging his grandmother.

The next gift was from my grandfather.

– This ring passed from father to son in our family, since the time of the legendary Novgorod princes. Our ancestor was a grand duke conqueror. No one remembers his name and the exact time when he lived. I only know that the runes on this silver ring should give the strength of the whole squad and the longevity of the oak. At least thats what my grandfather said. It should be worn on the index finger of the right hand.

– Thanks Grandpa.

– Yes, wear it to your health, but if you loose it you must be prepared for the heavy beating , I will not regret the rod.

– Ill try.

The last person at the table remained silent, wondering at the history of this mysterious family. She didn have a gift, and if she had, it would hardly be as good as from an old married couple. It upset Jessica. Noticing his girlfriends dejection, John squeezed her hand a little, smiling warmly at her.

– I think Ill get my present from you later in the evening.

Johnny whispered.

– Yes, indeed! You will remember this gift forever.

Jesses sly smile pleased the young guys imagination.

After dinner and another evening walk to the lake, the couple returned to the barn. Starting a new round of kisses that were getting longer, bolder and French, Jessica slowly explored her boyfriends body. After making a stop in some of the most attractive places for her, the girl moved lower.

– Is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

The girl asked in a whisper.

– Im definitely glad of what I see. If you are very interested, then no one forbids you to find out the exact answer.

– Maybe…

An anticipatory smile painted the black-haired womans face. With a light movement of her hand, the girl stroked the bulge on Johns jeans, gently squeezed three times and pulled away, got out of bed and hid her hands behind her back.

– Is something wrong?

Johnny asked excitedly.

– No, everything is fine, even excellent. Remember I told you about the gift youll never forget?

– Of course I remember. And what is it?

Anticipation shone in the guys eyes.

– Here. This is my brothers folding knife. I always carried it with me. He treasured it very much before the accident, it seems to be rare or something like that.

The shock that slipped across Johns young face did not go unnoticed.

– Thank you, I will treasure it.

This time Jessica had a sly devilish smile.

– I think you were counting on something else.

– No, no, not at all. This is a great gift, I can even dream of more.

– Thats good, because youll like the second part even more.

Jessie started to unbutton her shirt, and John nervously swallowed a full mouth of saliva. Almost unbuttoning her shirt, leaving no room for imagination, the girl leaned over to John and whispered affectionately.

– The second part of my gift… Its leaving you with blue balls, for the first time in your life, I think youll remember this moment forever, ahahahahah.

Thats how, under the bubbling laughter of a fleeing girl, Jonathan Wilson Vic was blueballed for the first time in his 15 years, in the most interesting place.

– What a bitch…

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