Chapter 5

Tans arm shot out from under the comforter, slapping wildly at someone elses bedside table where he was pretty sure he left his phone the night before. The notification blared again.

”Fuck! ” He thrashed around pushing at the man that lay trapping his arm finally able to prize himself free. For ** sake this is exactly why he didn usually stay the night! Groggily he sat on the edge of the bed and swiped his screen. Five AM an hour before his alarm would go off, what was so important that Kram couldn wait an hour! Tan grumbled under his breath as he got up and found his way into the shower. Ten minutes later he shook the wrinkles out of the shirt he wore yesterday and snuck out of the condo, without so much as a goodbye. Tan opened his Line account and blocked the guys number, another one in the graveyard. He swung his leg over his motorcycle and sped out of the parking garage.

Xavier dropped a coffee cup shattering it as Tan sauntered disheveledly into the office. He had never seen him looking so delicious, or annoyed.

”Whats so important you couldn wait an hour for me to wake up? ” Tan said as he sniffed the cup of coffee that Kram handed him, and set it on the table.

Xavier walked up pressing a cold cup into Tans hands. ”Iced Americano right? ” He smirked. Tan looked at him with questioning eyes.

”Yeah, thanks? ”

e welcome, Kram called me in and mentioned he was calling you next, so I thought you could use the coffee. ”

”I appreciate that but how did you know my coffee order? Do I leave them around the office or something? ” Tan asked.

Xavier laughed. ”Wow for a genius you are oblivious! At least three days a week you stop at that small cafe with the plant wall, just passed the train tracks in Bang Sue, check your cup ” Tan looked down.

Tan stood there shocked staring at the logo of his regular coffee shop until Kram snapped his fingers in front of his face.

”I know that, why do you know that, ” Tan mumbled to himself.

”I called you here ” -Kram broke in loudly- ”Because Love is on assignment and you are the only person he will let touch that ” Kram gestured vaguely at Loves computer set up. Tan frowned.

”That absolutely, could have waited an hour, what do you need me to find? ” He asked.

”Last night, eh more like early this morning, Harts ex-boyfriend was arrested. It turns out He met Hart through his work with victim number two Kisa Boonnak. I need you to go through her files and find what project they worked on together. ” Kram said.

”Seriously what are you five? No, I take that back five-year-olds can operate a computer what are you a hundred? Whats his name it will take me five minutes to find. ” Tan took an angry sip of the iced coffee biting at the straw.

Kram handed over the file. Tan stalked to Loves setup and pressed the power button. Flopping down in the office chair he kicked up his feet on the edge of the desk sucking the Americano dry as he waited for it to boot up. Walking over Noh pushed on the chair forcing Tan to tip back.

”Rough night? Was the sex bad or something? ” Noh asked smirking. Tan frowned up at him.

”What sex? ” Tan snapped, looking away from Noh.

”We are detectives, right? I mean thats what we do here. ” Noh Scoffed.

”You wore that shirt yesterday and judging by the wrinkles you didn even bother to hang it up and that, ” He leaned closer to Tan and sniffed. ”is absolutely not your shampoo. Ergo you were somewhere else last night. ” Noh smiled.

”So, what if I was, are you jealous? ” Tan tried to sit up.

”You are basically my brother, you should know after all these years I am impervious to your charms, Xavier on the other hand… ” Noh trailed off, Letting tan sit up he nodded his head to where Xavier was going through files.

”That might be a different situation entirely, I thought you liked him? ” Noh said.

”Im interested, yes but we haven even gone out yet. Now, will you please leave my love life alone so I can find these files for Kram? ” Tan yawned, shaking the cup of mostly ice and sipping at it anyway,

”Ok fine, Im just saying maybe you shouldn ruin a good thing before you even know if its a thing yet. ” Noh ruffled Tans hair and walked away.

Tan stretched, rolling his eyes and groaning in pleasure as all his joints cracked and his back finally relaxed. Sitting up he typed in ”Wasapon Sumanpinat ” in the search bar and let the files load. A few minutes later all the references to his name were listed on Tans screen, as expected all of them were photo credits. He searched in those for any that related to Harts gallery. Tan sent the files to The screen where they were building the timeline.

”Oi, Kram, get over here! ” Tan barked as he walked toward the screen. ”I found what you are looking for ”, Tan tapped something on his tablet turning on the big screen and showing the files.

”I searched through the files and it turns out Kisa and Múd have covered artists from Harts gallery five times together, we should find those artists and see what they know maybe one of them is connected to victim number one. Don worry I printed the files so you can go all voodoo detective on them or whatever you do. ” Said Tan.

”Its not voodoo its my superior mind power, remember Im strange ” Smirking, Kram pointed at himself. Ignoring him Tan flicked the cover of his tablet closed and walked toward the door.

”Oi! Just where are you going? ” Called Noh.

”Don worry about it Ill be back in two hours, ” Tan said as he badged out the door.

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