[The other side]


Ye Tian knew that when the Ye family learned about the video statement, they would be furious and demand an explanation from the Tang family.


Anyway, Ye Tian wasn't to blame for this!


To begin with, the engagement was initiated by the Tang family, and the video statement for the termination of the engagement was from their side.


Even after Tang Ruoyu dumped Ye Tian, they shamelessly expected him to help.


If he agreed, wouldn't he become a licking dog like his predecessor?


While Ye Tian was pondering what to do next, he didn't know when he had fallen asleep.


By the time he awoke, it was already past eight o'clock in the evening.


“I wish there was a system, but it was just a dream.”


When Ye Tian was asleep, he remembered hearing the system activation sound and was overjoyed.


Even though Ye Tian already knew the novel's plot, he still had to change his fate from the protagonist, who was blessed with unbelievable luck.


Hence, if he had a system to help him in case of accidents in the future, it could also make him feel more at ease if there were to be any.


A panel appeared before Ye Tian's eyes in a matter of seconds after the word 'system' crossed his mind.


Immediately, a series of memories flooded his mind, confirming that the system beep he had heard earlier was real!



‘The Godly Villain System is successfully bound to the host!’


Host: Ye Tian


Luck: 500 points (Luck points can be obtained by changing the novel’s plot, such as plundering the protagonist's chance, increasing the heroine’s favorability …)


System Store: Opened after completing novice missions.


Store points: 0


Novice mission: Obtain 10,000 luck points in a week.


Mission reward: Access to the system’s store, +100 store points.


Mission penalty: none.


Remaining time: 6 days and 21 hours



After examining his status panel, Ye Tian understood the system's functions.


He would be rewarded with luck points according to the impact of changing the novel's plot.


What was the purpose of luck points?


As the name implied, the protagonist possessed the ‘son of luck’ aura, and the higher the luck points, the more he would be acknowledged and blessed by heaven.


One day, if Ye Tian's luck points surpass those of the protagonist, he could directly take action against the protagonist without any trouble or backlash.


While doing so, he would swap roles with the protagonist and be blessed by heaven!


The source of his 500 luck points was Tang Ruoyu.


Tang Ruoyu abruptly annulled their engagement after the Ye family was exterminated in the novel.


As for the system store, he could earn store points by completing system missions and purchasing various props.


If Ye Tian didn't have the system, he would leave the Yuan city by tomorrow, unwilling to have any further relations with Tang Ruoyu or the Tang family.


However, he changed his plans.


“Xiao Yue.” Ye Tian called out towards the outside.


Soon after, Liu Yue appeared before him respectfully, waiting for orders.


“How is the Tang family? Where is Tang Ruoyu?” Ye Tian asked.


“The old master saw the video statement of the dissolution of the engagement and became furious on the spot.
Right now, the Tang family is facing serious trouble.
Not long ago, Miss Tang came to see the young master, but I didn't let her in.”


Liu Yue added, “By the way, Miss Tang's grandfather and parents also came in the afternoon.
At the moment, they are waiting outside the gate to see you.”


“Let Tang Ruoyu come in first, I’ll talk to the others later.” Ye Tian said.


In less than ten seconds, Liu Yue exited the room, and the anxious Tang Ruoyu rushed in.


She had already planned everything according to Ye Tian's reaction, including how she would respond in case he used this matter to force her…


However, now that they were face to face, she had no idea what to say, and finally, Ye Tian broke the silence.


“I heard from Xiao Yue that you were looking for me.
Is something wrong?” Ye Tian asked deliberately.
“I recall you said from today we'd never see each other again.
I'll leave tomorrow morning, so I'll not be able to grant your request.”


I was wrong.” Tang Ruoyu said in a low voice.


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