“Haha, what a coincidence, your uncle is Young Master Ye!”

Li Yan’er didn’t believe her mother’s words.

My goodness, what a joke.

Even though she and Ye Tian were unfamiliar and had never spoken to one another, they were at the same university.
So, it was only natural that she had heard rumours about Ye Tian.

Apart from the Tang family and Tang Ruoyu, Ye Tian has had little contact with any family since moving to Yun City.

Ye Tian came here only to be with Tang Ruoyu, and he didn’t care about anything else.

Her father was the hospital director, and people came for medical care.

Ye Tian, however, was different.

Due to his status as the only heir to the Ye family in Yan City, top doctors would come over to treat him if he fell ill!

As a result, Ye Tian was unlikely to visit their ordinary hospital in Yun City.

Furthermore, even if Ye Tian did visit his father, he would probably exchange a few words with him.
Therefore, how could he possibly call himself his brother?

Let’s not talk about their ages, but their status alone wasn’t on the same level.

This wasn’t because she looked down on her father but because it was the reality.

“Impossible, Young Master Ye could never call my father a brother.
I’m not Tang Ruoyu!” Li Yan’er retorted.

“Of course, you’re not Tang Ruoyu, you’re Li Yan’er! But is there a reason I cannot call Young Master Ye my brother?”

Li Shan was a bit speechless.

Well, Li Yan’er wasn’t Tang Ruoyu!

If his daughter’s surname was Li? Then how could they still get along?

“How about you guys make a bet?”

As neither the father nor daughter was willing to end this drama, Wang Li intervened.

She supported Li Shan, but calling Ye Tian a brother was too outrageous.
Even if she trusted Li Shan and believed he wouldn’t lie to her, she still had doubts.

This was why she came up with the idea.

She wanted to take the opportunity to find out whether Ye Tian and Li Shan were “fake brothers” or “real brothers”.

“What kind of bet?”

“Tell me.”

Li Yan’er and Li Shan spoke one after another.

Li Yan’er was convinced that her parents had joined forces to fool her and felt suspicious of them.

However, Li Shan was unwilling to admit defeat since he wanted to prove himself to his daughter.

After all, he was indeed telling the truth.

Ye Tian offered to call himself his brother today, then called out his daughter as a cousin.

“Honey, you said that you and Ye Tian are brothers, so you must have his phone number right? Why don’t you talk to him and say that you would like to invite him over for dinner as a thank you for helping our daughter? If he comes, then naturally you win.
If he doesn’t come, it’s Yan’er’s win, how about that?”

In fact, this statement also contained Wang Li’s selfishness in it.

Ye Tian could make his daughter a professor—no doubt about it.

But the question was whether Ye Tian would help his daughter or casually mentioned and forgot about it.

If the latter was the case, they were happy for so long with nothing.

However, if they invited Ye Tian for dinner, even if he had forgotten about it, he would remember it now.
Thus, he would guarantee Li Yan’er’s selection as a professor.

Additionally, with Ye Tian’s status, the news would spread quickly if he dined at their house today.
This would be highly beneficial to Li Shan and Li Yan’er.

Besides that, there was also good news.
As long as Ye Tian accepts the dinner invitation to their home today and personally acknowledges that Li Yan’er was his cousin, Wang Li and Lin Shun didn’t have to worry about Li Yan’er being wrong or bullied anymore in the future.

“This…” Li Shan hesitated.

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