“Yan’er, come quickly.
Your dad has good news for you!” Wang Li welcomed her daughter home with great joy.

She also knew that Ye Tian would help Li Yan’er be selected as a professor.

Thus, she was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to tell her daughter the good news.

“Mom, I know the good news you guys are about to say.
But while you guys are in a good mood, I’m afraid I have bad news to tell you!” Li Yan’er walked over to her.

As there was going to be a new family member soon, she intended to take advantage of the moment to tell her parents about her failure to be chosen.

Although she had failed this time, she was sure they wouldn’t be too disappointed…

“You already knew?”

“Bad news?”

For a moment, Wang Li and Li Shan beside her froze.

After all, the couple intentionally kept the surprise a secret until now so that their daughter would be surprised, but they hadn’t expected that their daughter already knew.

Anyway, although her daughter knew this, it didn’t affect their celebration at all.

Young Master Ye was very good at what he did.
Something difficult for them to achieve, but he did it so quickly!

Nevertheless, they wondered what the bad news was.

Though the university approved their daughter becoming a professor, she faced bullying behind the scenes.
They thought this to themselves.

“Yan’er, what’s the bad news you’re talking about? Did anyone bully you in school again?” Wang Li hurriedly asked.

She was afraid that Li Yan’er was bullied.

“Don’t worry.
It’s not that serious.
Well, …I failed the selection for becoming a professor this time too…” She stated, observing the two elders’ reactions.

She had expected them to be disappointed, then comfort her.

Er… Usually, that’s how things unfold.

And they had done this before…

But this time, after she said she had failed the selection, the old couple said nothing.

Moreover, they neither showed disappointment nor comforted her!

Instead, they stared at her puzzledly.

Seeing this scene, Li Yan’er couldn’t help but feel dismayed…

Even if they would have a baby soon, they shouldn’t act like this, right?

“Ahem… Mum and Dad, I’ll go back inside first.
You guys call me if you need anything.”

Li Yan’er coughed awkwardly and turned around to leave.

“Wait a moment.”

Li Shan stopped Li Yan’er and asked suspiciously, “You just said you already know the good news.
How do you know?”

“Of course, I guessed it.
After all, how could you all be so happy because… Li Yan’er confidently continued, “There’s going to be another member in our family, right?” After saying that, Li Yan’er turned red and pretended to be angry.

“But you two are too much.
Even if you have a baby soon, you can’t treat me like this, right? I’m very sad.

“A-a baby? You think your mom and I…?” Suddenly, such a thought crossed Li Shan’s mind.

Wang Li also understood this moment and immediately got up and hit Li Yan’s hand, displeased.

“You little brat, you dare to flirt with your parents!”

“Ouch…” Li Yan’er covered her arm with an upset look on her face.
“Who’s flirting with you guys? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Who told you that you were going to have a baby?”

Li Shan stared at Li Yan’er speechlessly and explained, “It’s true that there is an extra family member, but it’s not your younger sibling.
I have a new brother, and you have an extra uncle!”


Li Yan’er, who was drinking water, was immediately dumbfounded by her words.

What the hell?

She had an uncle?

Could it be that grandpa was… That’s too much, isn’t it?!

But what about Grandma? Shouldn’t she be admitted to the hospital for maternal care?

“You silly girl, what’s been going on in your head all day long? The brother, your dad, is talking about is a brother he met today.
He is a big shot.”

Mothers understood what their daughters were thinking, so, seeing Li Yan’er’s eyes still rolling around, Wang Li knew that her daughter misunderstood again.

“A big shot?”

Li Yan’er was somewhat disappointed.
She thought there was some shocking secret.

After that, they spent half the day discussing how her father had befriended a big shot.

“So that’s it? I thought it was you and Dad…”

Seeing that her mother was about to hit her hand again, Li Yan’er hurriedly changed the subject and said, “I don’t care if you guys are looking for brothers or something.
Anyway, I won’t call someone an uncle.
What if that person is even younger than me? Wouldn’t that make me feel embarrassed?”

“What’s wrong with being younger than you? You don’t even know what kind of status he has.
He just became your uncle and gave you a big gift!”

Li Shan’s face expressed displeasure as he continued, “You overthink.
In my heart, I was convinced he was your uncle.
Also, someone with such an influence might not even acknowledge us!”

“So, he is younger than me…”

Li Yan’er didn’t expect her casual remark to hit the mark and was even more upset.

After thinking about it, she said, “If you want me to call him uncle even though he is younger than me, it’s impossible.
After all, the only person in the whole of Yun City worthy of being called uncle by me is a young master of the Ye family!”

After completing her sentence, Wang Li, not waiting for Li Shan to say anything, replied joyfully, “What a coincidence, your uncle is Young Master Ye!”

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