Since Bai Fang knew Tang Ruoyu was considerate of her parents, she brought her over.


As long as the Lin family initiated the marriage proposal in front of everyone, her daughter would undoubtedly agree, regardless of how upset she felt.


Well, this was also how she engaged Ye Tian a year ago.


However, not only did Tang Ruoyu not compromise this time, she also humiliated her publicly.


Would Bai Fang marry Young Master Lin?


Honestly, even she wasn't interested in marrying him!


Aside from that, they had already offended the Ye family, and if they insulted the Lin family, no one in this world could help them.


In anger, she didn't even care that so many people were around, and she directly raised her hand to slap Tang Ruoyu.


Seeing this, Tang Ruoyu's body turned numb, and she couldn't dodge the slap, so she couldn't do anything but close her eyes in disappointment.


Despite closing her eyes, she felt no pain.


Instead, she heard a familiar voice that she once despised.


“You've got some nerve, didn't you hear what Ruoyu just said? You even dare to lay hands on my people, or do you think this young master would be afraid of dealing with you because you're from the Bai family?”


With a smile, Ye Tian walked up to Tang Ruoyu and pulled her into his arms before looking around and saying, 


“Gentlemen, it doesn't matter what you think of me, but I must remind you that the Tang Family has nothing to do with Ruoyu anymore; she is mine, so if any of you treat her badly, I will not be happy.”


Congratulations to the host for successfully altering the novel's plot.
You have gained 3000 luck points!]


Soon, the system prompt rang out in his mind.


In the meantime, Tang Ruoyu, who Ye Tian was holding, was blushing intensely.


Even though she had grown up and become an adult, this was the first time she had physical contact with a man, especially in such a situation.


However, she also felt an extraordinary sense of security like never before.


It was as if no one could harm her as long as Ye Tian was there!


The sense of security she felt was unlike anything she had ever experienced with her parents.


However, she soon realized that this feeling wouldn't last and blamed herself for it.


Why had she been so ignorant before?


Despite not loving the man who treated her so well, she took the initiative to push him away!


Although Ye Tian held her in his arms, she knew the person he liked now was her junior from yesterday and not her anymore.


Nevertheless, she didn't blame anyone for seizing the opportunity.


Her only hope was that Ye Tian would accept her agreement and allow her to remain by his side, even if only as a maid.


Even if she becomes a maid, she would be grateful.


After all, she no longer expected Ye Tian to treat her the same way as he did in the past.


As long as Ye Tian could acknowledge her in front of others, that was fine with her!


Whether it was the Tang family or the Bai family, they would not dare humiliate her and trample on her dignity.


“Thank you, Sister Liu.”


Tang Ruoyu stuck her head out and thanked Liu Yue sincerely.


The reason her mother hadn't slapped Tang Ruoyu yet wasn't that she had changed her mind or because she was reluctant to hurt her.


It was simply because she had been interrupted by Liu Yue.


Liu Yue smiled at her words and didn't say anything.


In fact, she and Ye Tian had just arrived but didn't expect to hear Lin Teng's words.


Also, it was Ye Tian who ordered her to stop Bai Fang.


After all, this was an excellent opportunity to make Tang Ruoyu increase her loyalty towards him, and how could Ye Tian let it go so easily?


Just now, Tang Ruoyu's words had piqued his interest.


No matter what Tang Ruoyu had in mind, as long as she was willing to take his side, that was enough!


But just when Ye Tian wanted to continue talking.


The system prompt appeared again.


Congratulations to the host.
You have successfully triggered the hidden mission! Please check the mission list!]



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