Having heard Lin Teng's words, Tang Ruoyu finally understood why her mother insisted on her coming over today, even though she would be humiliated.


As it turned out, her mother had already discussed this with the Lin family and had agreed to sell her off.


That's right!


Similar to the first time she was engaged to Ye Tian, she would be used as a tool to expand their family’s influence.


Now that the Tang family had lost their ties to the Ye family, they immediately sold her off to the Lin family.


At that moment, Bai Fang could sense that her daughter was probably angry inside.


Besides, the Lin family's existence rivaled the Ye family, and with Tang Ruoyu's marriage to the patriarch of the Lin family, the Tang family would be blessed with glory and wealth.


That's much better than Tang Ruoyu marrying Ye Tian!


When Bai Fang thought of this, she was very pleased with Tang Ruoyu.


“Xiao Yu, listen to your mother.
Now that you’ve offended the Ye family, Ye Tian won't forgive you, and even if he does forgive, the Elder Ye will still hold a grudge against you, and you won't be able to get married to Ye Tian in the future!”


“Rather than begging and relying on the Ye family, why don't you just tie up with the Lin family? Regardless of whether the Ye family retaliates, your father and I will take you from Yun City to Jiangbei City.
Anyway, no matter how strong Ye's family is, they cannot compete with Lin's family in Jiangbei!”


“Also, I've asked someone to inquire about the Lin family.
Although his appearance is slightly inferior to Ye Tian's, his ability and temperament far exceed him.


“Because Master Ye only has one grandson, Ye Tian will be the patriarch of the Ye family in the future.
But, Young Master Lin was chosen because of his own ability! Now you understand why mom is so determined, don't you?”


“Looking back, it was thanks to you; Young Master Lin wouldn’t have looked for me if you hadn’t broken off the engagement yesterday.




Upon hearing her mother's words about benefits, Tang Ruoyu was unsure of what to say.


As she was writing the agreement for Ye Tian last night, she had many emotions mixed with her complaints.
However, she had never resented her parents even once.


Instead, she blamed herself for this!


She was aware that due to the Tang family's money, she had grown up to enjoy such a comfortable life.
Therefore, it was understandable for them to want to use her for marriage in order to gain benefits.
Most importantly, she knew that her parents cared about her.


But now, after she had heard her mother's words, she realized something.


In the past, her father spread false news that she was interested in Ye Tian, which she ignored.


After all, it was pointless to rehash old scores when things had already ended.


But now again, not even a day had passed since the incident, and they had arranged a new marriage proposal for her.


Throughout the whole process, no one said anything to her about this, as if her opinion didn't matter.


She found this especially unacceptable.
Her family had been doing it clearly for their own benefit but were now claiming it was for her.


“I'm sorry, I've already signed an agreement with Ye Tian this morning.
I'll live as his woman to my death! If my mother really thinks Young Master Lin is good, she can marry him herself.
I still have to go find Ye Tian, so I won't be here to disturb you guys.” Tang Ruoyu refused.


Right now, several people were watching their mother and daughter’s conversation.


Despite Tang Ruoyu's voice not being loud, quite a few people heard it, and it spread quickly.


Many people wondered if Tang Ruoyu was out of her mind.


Yesterday, she was determined to annul her engagement, now she was declaring that she belonged to Ye Tian.


Moreover, she insulted the Lin family directly in the face!


In fact, Tang Ruoyu had no idea what the young master of the Lin family liked about her.


If he heard her words, would he retaliate or continue to pursue her?


You ignorant daughter! How dare you say such words to me, I…”


At this moment, Bai Fang returned to her senses from Tang Ruoyu's words.


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