He wouldn't miss the opportunity to add salt to the injury.


“Auntie, grandpa said to leave right away.
Besides, you were Tang family members.” 


I'm afraid we would be in deep trouble if Young Master Ye misunderstood our Bai family, don't you think?” Bai Hao exclaimed loudly, grabbing everyone's attention.


As Tang Ruoyu heard the words, she was about to retort back on the spot.
However, she was stopped before she could speak by her mother, who warned her not to be impulsive.


When she was insulted earlier, she intended to leave, but her mother convinced her to stay, telling her that she would have something else to ask the Bai family.


Thus, she sat silently in the corner watching the Bai family or other guests at the birthday party keep coming over to ridicule her.


Due to this, Tang Ruoyu experienced the coldness of the world for the first time!


Despite all her grievances, she was powerless to change anything.


Ye Tian expected this outcome.


Lin, you have seen our situation, and if you do not speak up, we will be driven away!” Bai Fang said.


She turned her head in the crowd and spoke to a man in a suit.




Bai Hao was stunned by his words.


In Yun City, there was no Lin family.


But now his aunt was looking for Mr.
Lin's help.
Could it be that Lin family?


“Sister Bai, don't worry.
As long as I, Lin Teng, am here today, even if Ye Tian himself comes, you won't be kicked out.”


As Bai Hao hesitated, Lin Teng stepped out of the crowd, striding toward Patriarch Bai, confidently saying, “Patriarch Bai, on behalf of the Lin family in Jiangbei City, my junior Lin Teng wishes you a happy birthday.
I also want to propose to Miss Tang Ruoyu on behalf of my cousin.
He has been in love with her for a long time and hopes you will accept his marriage proposal.”


“By the way, my cousin asked me to bring you a message that he is the next Lin family's patriarch.
Jiangbei City is closer to Yun City than Yan City! As long as you agree, the Lin family will solve all your problems and also support you to rise.”




After Lin Teng finished his sentences, the slightly noisy surroundings instantly quieted down.


Lin Teng's identity and the Lin family he represented were obvious to the crowd.


In Jiangbei city, the Lin family was the most prominent, and even the Ye family wouldn't dare compete with them.


Little did they know that the future patriarch of their family had eyes for Tang Ruoyu.
What's more, he was now letting someone come over and propose marriage in public.


As long as Tang Ruoyu and the Bai family agreed, Tang Ruoyu would become an existence that no one dared to mess with in Yun City.
The Bai family would instantly become the number one family, and there would be no controversy!


As for the Ye family's counterattack, the Lin family was closer to Yun City.


Thinking of this, everyone looked enviously at Tang Ruoyu and the Bai family.


Take Tang Ruoyu for example; she reached the top not by doing anything but by just possessing good looks. 


As for whether the Bai family would agree to this, there was no second answer in everyone’s mind.
Well, this was an excellent opportunity for the Bai family to soar to great heights, and only a fool would refuse.


(T/N:  …Fun fact!  There was always one in every family, and they'd be the one who would try to refuse it, much to the misfortune of everyone else …LOL)


(T/N: The Ye Family is a prominent family in Yan City

The Tang family and the Bai family are present in Yun City)

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