After hearing this news, Ye Tian, who was in a hurry, was naturally overjoyed.


Besides, he had roughly guessed Tang Ruoyu's situation.


Tang Ruoyu discussed today's incident with the protagonist in the novel.


At that time, the protagonist had told the people around him to find a precious treasure and asked everyone to help in the search together.


It so happened that Tang Ruoyu immediately recognized one of the pieces she had seen before, and told the protagonist that she had seen it at her grandfather's birthday party.


In the novel, this scene occurred when the engagement between Ye Tian and Tang Ruoyu still existed.


Thus, she returned to the Bai family to celebrate her grandfather's birthday, being the center of attention.


However, she abruptly dissolved the engagement yesterday, and made him sign the agreement and record a video statement, which caused Ye Tian and the Ye family to lose face.


For fear of accidentally getting involved, anyone with ties to the Tang family would want to avoid contacting them.


After all, the Ye family's influence in Yan City was too terrifying.
If someone were on the other side, then as long as the Ye family said a word, no family in Yan City could refuse!


Tang Ruoyu's sudden increase in trust towards Ye Tian was almost certainly because she had been humiliated and became mindful of his kindness.


Thinking about this to himself, Ye Tian opened the system panel.



‘The Godly Villain System bound to the host!’


Host: Ye Tian


Luck points: 200 (Luck points can be obtained by altering the novel’s plot, such as plundering the protagonist's chance, increasing the heroine’s favorability…)


System Store: Opened after completing novice missions.


Store points: 0



2000 Luck points!


Since the system was activated, Ye Tian has received three times more Luck points. 


Initially, he received 500 Luck points, and later 1000 Luck points.


The trip to the Bai family had been far more aggravating for Tang Ruoyu than he had thought.



– At the Bai Family's mansion.


As noon approached, the Bai family's patriarch, the spotlight of today's birthday banquet, also finally showed up.


This year was his 70th birthday.


Although the number of people who attended today should have far exceeded last year's, it was less than a one-third.


Previously, all the prominent families in Yun City showed up to celebrate his birthday, but this year there were few.


Well, it was apparent why.


It was no secret that the Bai family and the Tang family were related, and now the Tang family was on the verge of collapse at any moment since they angered the Ye family. 


Thus, the Bai family should better clear up their relationship with the Tang family in time to avoid getting entangled in this mess.


Even so, the Bai family was one of the top big shots in Yun City.
Therefore, if the Bai family was fine and Ye Tian fled Yun City, they'd still rank at the top.


Despite many not attending, the Bai family didn’t miss a single gift of congratulations.


Bai Yuan came out and looked around.
Although today's birthday banquet was a bit disappointing, it was still okay. 


Besides, he was informed that the Lin family in Jiangbei City had sent someone to congratulate him on his 70th birthday.


The Lin family! 


In Jiangbei City, this powerful family could compete with the Ye family in Yan City.


If the Bai family could get acquainted with each other, they wouldn't have to worry about becoming involved with the Tang family, and they might even rise to power!


As Bai Yuan was thinking this to himself, he suddenly saw two familiar figures in the corner.


Previously, when he saw these two figures, he would have called them to his side right away to represent the Bai family’s status.


But now, as he looked at them, an unpleasant expression appeared on his face, and he yelled, “Who told them to come here? Tell them to get out immediately.
Today is the Bai family's birthday banquet, what's the point of two Tang family members coming here?”


“Grandpa, don't be angry.
I’ll drive them away!” 


A young man not older than Tang Ruoyu stood out from the crowd upon hearing Bai Yuan’s words.


After saying that, a sneer appeared on his face.


As the eldest grandson of the Ye family, he had been highly regarded and favored by everyone since he was a child.


In the last year, Tang Ruoyu got engaged to Ye Tian unexpectedly, directly elevating the Tang family's status.


Not to mention, even in the Bai family, Tang Ruoyu had become the focus of everyone's attention, and he had to be extremely careful around her.


Last year, he vividly remembered being grounded by his grandfather for half a month just for not greeting Tang Ruoyu. 


He had loathed Tang Ruoyu for a long time in his heart.

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