As Tang Ruoyu's cousin spoke, she didn't lower her voice; rather, she deliberately raised it so everyone could hear.


She had also heard about the shocking event that Tang Ruoyu had done yesterday. 


Tang Ruoyu went straight to Young Master Ye and broke off the engagement.
As if it wasn't enough she made him sign an agreement and make a video statement, which directly angered the Ye family.


Due to this, the Tang family, which was one of the four prominent families in Yun City, was on the verge of collapse at any moment.


Under such circumstances, the Bai family naturally didn't want to get involved with Tang Ruoyu!


Though she was also Tang Ruoyu's cousin, she worried they would have to face the Ye family's wrath.


“What a shameless person! He treated you highly because he loved you, but you dared to break the engagement!”


“Importantly, you even asked to sign the agreement and make a video statement.
You didn't treat Young Master Ye as a human being!


“Yesterday, I heard my friend say that Young Master Ye had become a laughing stock in the upper circles of Yan City, and Elder Ye is so angry with the Tang family.”


“Also, I heard that the engagement between young master Ye and the Tang family is a complete conspiracy to steal the Ye family's wealth secretly.
The conservative estimate is that this year, your Tang family at least profited ten billion yuan from the Ye family.
All this money didn't appear on the records!”




Her cousin's attitude changed dramatically, and Tang Ruoyu was somewhat shocked.
Her heart was both scared and hurt.


Little did she know that the trouble caused by her own terminating the engagement was still going on


Of course, what broke her heart the most was that all the Bai family members who had been most eager to please her over the past year were now humiliating her in front of her face!

“If I hadn't annulled the engagement, none of them would have dared to speak to me like this, right?”


Suddenly, Tang Ruoyu's mind was filled with such a thought, and Ye Tian's figure flashed in her mind.


At first, she hadn't cared about Ye Tian when he had been pursuing her all day.


As she thought about it now, she realized that ever since Ye Tian had pursued her, her life seemed instantly worry-free!


Everywhere she looked, she was treated with respect, and everyone she met was friendly to her.


As Tang Ruoyu thought about this, she felt regret for the first time. 


And as this thought crossed her mind, a system prompt sounded in Ye Tian's ears.


Congratulations to the host for gaining the trust of the first heroine Tang Ruoyu and obtaining 1000 luck points!]

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