eace of mind.


“It's hard to answer.
After all, you broke the engagement casually.
I just said it as a joke.
However, I won't regret it later.” Ye Tian spoke with a smile.


He naturally knew what Tang Ruoyu was thinking. 


He shouldn't be friendly to people like Tang Ruoyu, who treated herself like a goddess and regarded herself highly.


If not, what he would receive wouldn't be to their favor.
Instead, he would only be treated with disgust.


These women seemed to be convinced they were the only beauties in the world and everything revolved around them!


For instance, his predecessor was a living example of the peerless licking dog. 


Yet, he wasn't even allowed to touch her hand despite giving up everything for her, including his entire family.


So for Tang Ruoyu, Ye Tian had his plans.


When Ye Tian finished speaking, Tang Ruoyu was again scared, and she apologized in a flash, just as Ye Tian had expected.


“I know I'm wrong, don't go back on your word, okay, wooooooo…”


Faced with Tang Ruoyu's pearly tears, Ye Tian didn't feel heartbroken.


She's scared so easily? Are you kidding me?


Tang Ruoyu looked pitiful now.


But if he let the old man take action, the Tang family would be destroyed.
Then, Tang Ruoyu herself would suffer ten times more humiliation than now.


After all, making Ye Tian sign the termination agreement of engagement and uploading the video statement to the public, he had already become a laughing stock in Yan City.


As a result, he would be referred to as “Young Master Ye dumped by his own fiancee?”


Thinking about all this, Ye Tian felt he was too soft-hearted.


He was still willing to give Tang Ruoyu a chance to change his ways under such circumstances.


“Let's talk about this tomorrow.
I remember that you like to write agreements.
In the evening, you can go back and write an agreement on this matter.
You decide the content of it yourself, but everything must be reasonable and legal.
It would be best if you didn't criticize me in the future.
So, mention that I didn't force you to do anything later, and you’re the one who is willing to do this…”




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