The moment Tang Ruoyu saw Ye Tian leaving, she put her hatred aside, and immediately blocked his way and said what she hadn't even thought of before.


“Mine? What can you do?” Staring at Tang Ruoyu, Ye Tian asked curiously.


Right from the beginning, his intention was to force Tang Ruoyu to understand how desperate her situation was. 


Taking this opportunity, he pointed out that she could only pay off the debt by staying by his side.
In any case, he had many ways in his mind to make her submit.


But Ye Tian never expected Tang Ruoyu to be so scared that she would give up resisting so quickly.


The cold campus belle?


That was all!


Well, as for whether Tang Ruoyu was sincere or not? It doesn't matter at all. 


He could make her more loyal in a month than even Liu Yue!


After hearing Ye Tian's question, Tang Ruoyu was frightened at first, but soon her face turned red with shame as she replied.


“I-I can sleep with you…”


“Your thinking is nice.
But, my bed is custom-made and I sleep just right.
Besides, who knows if you snore and talk in your sleep?”




She felt embarrassed and angry when Ye Tian teased her, especially with another woman watching, which made her feel even more humiliated.


Liu Yue was also giving Ye Tian a thumbs up from the side.


“I'm not teasing you, I said that I'm not interested in you earlier.
But, since I'm a soft-hearted person who can't see a girl begging for mercy from me, so I'll give you a chance! Within ten seconds, kneel down to me and apologize.
If you do that I will consider you to be my maid, and the Tang family can be saved.
If not, there won't be the Tang family in Yan City anymore.”


Ye Tian's tone suddenly became serious, as he waited for Tang Ruoyu to choose.


If Tang Ruoyu chose to continue her aloof temperament, he wouldn't intervene in this matter and let her watch the destruction of the Tang family.


Ye Tian still had a month before the protagonist appears, so he had plenty of time.


If Tang Ruoyu had been more thoughtful and kneeled to apologize, he might have been willing to give her a chance.


After all, he was a soft-hearted person who couldn't stand to see a lady apologize to him.


Ten seconds was a short time.


Nevertheless, Ye Tian had long destroyed Tang Ruoyu's mental defenses.
Therefore, in less than five seconds, she had already knelt to Ye Tian, not even bothering to consider that there was still Liu Yue watching next to her.
She directly apologized, “I'm sorry, I was wrong, please…”


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