For the Gu family, listening to their mother cry from time to time was already a regular during their family meals.

It’s just that when the third child, Gu Chang’an, was home, their mother would say something like this: Chang’an, you should eat more ah.
You are still young and growing up.
It’s all because your mother didn’t make you a girl; otherwise, you would have had a good life…

That’s right.
After the old lady of the Gu family gave birth to two sons, she always wanted a daughter to raise.
After all, raising a stinky boy only gives one feeling——annoyance!

When she was pregnant with her third child, the child in her belly was very obedient.
Mother Gu felt that this child must be a well-behaved daughter.
The result was another son.

However, this son was different from her two sons, who were big and rough.
He had clear and beautiful eyes, similar to hers.
If he were a girl, he would definitely look good.
Oh, this must be a mistake.
It’s all because there were too many men in her family.
She stayed at home for too long, and now the girl turned into a boy.
Her heart was filled with heartache and regret ah.
She felt sorry for her little son and pinned all her love for the daughter she wanted on her youngest son.
Anyway, except for a bit more meat, there was no difference.

Her youngest son did not let her down.
Since childhood, his two brothers have been causing trouble everywhere, but he honestly stayed at home.
She did not need to worry about him at all.
He just ate and slept.
He was so easy to raise.
Her only problem was no matter how much he ate, he did not get fat.
She thought that he had the same physique as her.
He would not get fat no matter how much he ate.
This made her feel distressed.
She had to give all the food to her little baby.
Who let her youngest baby become her cherished person? It’s not like the two elder ones ate less before.
Why won’t they let their younger brother through?

What’s hateful is that their family did not want to accommodate her Chang’an and drove him away to the army because of a bit of food and drink.
The heartless old Gu even actually wanted to kick her son out of the house.
Crying, making trouble, and threatening to hang herself did not work.
He said that he would separate her from Chang’an if she caused trouble.

“Wuwuwu, Chang’an, how are you doing in the army? I don’t know if there’s anyone there to take care of you and wash your clothes….”

Her eldest son, Gu Changzheng, said, “Mom, the food in the army’s not bad.
You don’t have to worry.”

Gu Changping also said, “Yes, mom, there are plenty of great people in the army.
If Chang’an becomes like them, we should be happy.”

“Stop talking nonsense, you and you! You’re all ruthless!” Mother Gu stood up and pointed at her sons and daughters-in-law.
She got up and went into her room.
Of course, she carried the rice when she went in.
She was preparing to save some for her third son to eat when he returned.

She had a lot of good things stored in her room.
It was all for her third son to eat.

There was silence in the living room.
Eldest sister-in-law coughed, “Let’s cook.
Dad must be eating at the CCP county committee canteen today and will not come back.”

Second sister-in-law nodded, “Let’s do it together.” Finally, they can eat a good meal.
Since her third brother-in-law left home, her father-in-law returned less, and her mother-in-law was unwilling to buy delicious food.
It was as if they did not need to eat at home.
Their food rations were all controlled by the county party committee, so they could only go home and eat, and it was kept under control.

The two sisters-in-law worked in the kitchen.
Second sister-in-law Gu sighed, “Now that the third child isn’t home, our life is already like this.
If he came back with a wife in the future, what do you think we should do, sister-in-law?”

“…” Eldest sister-in-law Gu felt this was a severe problem.

According to their mother’s degree of partiality, if their father were not there, all the good things would be given to the third child.
It’s not much different now.
Giving it to the third child alone was fine.
However, after marrying a daughter-in-law, it would be different.
If they had a few children…

They couldn’t imagine it.
They would be so exhausted trying to raise them, ah!

Second sister-in-law said, “Today, I noticed that the people who exchange white rice were people from the countryside.
Since they grow grains, they must have a lot of grains to eat.
If we find Chang’an a wife from a rural family with good conditions, they would be willing to contribute grains.
Unlike in the county town, those who have jobs look down on Chang’an, and we would raise those who do not have jobs.
An important point here is that country girls are hardworking.
If they marry into our family, we can still hold them down.
We don’t have to be worried that she will use mother-in-law to hold us down if she wants to.”

“Look for a country girl? Dad definitely will not agree.
In the future, his grandchildren will have rural household registration.” Eldest sister-in-law Gu was more thoughtful.

Second sister-in-law countered, “What’s the matter? Then let’s place her children under our name.
At worst, we can form a relationship and have her converted.
She’ll be more obedient then.”

When Eldest sister-in-law Gu heard these words, she nodded in agreement.
The important thing was to make Third sister-in-law listen to them.
They must not bring home another ancestor to raise.
They can’t afford it.

“I just don’t know if Third brother-in-law will agree?” Eldest sister-in-law Gu asked again.

“Someone’s willing to give him food.
How could he disagree? Didn’t you tell him there was food in the army; that’s why he went there?”

Inside the canteen of the frontier corps, Gu Chang’an bit into a big and hard flatbread.
After biting for a long time, he still couldn’t bite through it, soaking it in water before eating it.
Looking at the slowly softening flatbread, he thought he was pretty clever.
He took it and had another bite.
He could finally bite it.

However, as he ate, his eyes began to sour again.

How could he have encountered something like this before? In the past, he ate rice, white flour, and noodles at home.
He could eat two bowls at a time and even drink a cup of malted milk.
When he compared his days before to the present, he felt sad.

He was so pitiful.

This time, he stopped himself from crying.
He held back and continued to eat the blistered flatbread.

Li Xiaohui came over, also biting on a flatbread.
He looked at Gu Chang’an, who had to soak his flatbread in water, and said unpleasantly, “Gu’s third child, are you so useless that you still have to soak flatbread in water before you could eat it? Your teeth aren’t fake, are they?”

Gu Chang’an said, “I haven’t gnawed on bones.
I only eat meat.
Naturally, my teeth would not be as good as yours.”

“…” Li Xiahui let out a “hehe”.
What was wrong with gnawing on bones? He was cherishing his food!

He looked at Gu Chang’an’s pitiful appearance and said, “Gu’s third child, it’s useless for you to laugh at me.
You can’t even chew on bones now.”

Gu Chang’an ignored him and ate with his head down.
I really want to eat meat.
However, only veterans can eat meat since they’re going to the border.

Li Xiaohui sat down and nibbled on a flatbread, “When I’m able to eat meat, I might be generous enough to give you two pieces.”

“You?” Gu Chang’an looked contemptuous.

“Why won’t I be able to eat meat? Let me tell you.
I’ll definitely be able to eat meat with my ability.
You must not be aware.
Since we’ve been training as recruits for a while now, as long we qualify in all aspects, we will be given an award and the title of the most outstanding recruit.
When that time comes, you will be assigned to a good military unit and be able to eat meat and rice every day!” That’s the vanguard! They’re allowed to go to the battlefield!

Gu Chang’an secretly swallowed his saliva.
He looked at the flatbread in his hands and suddenly lost his appetite.

How could he eat this? He wanted meat and rice!

He took a sip of his water and stood up while chewing.

Li Xiaohui was surprised to see him eat so quickly, “What are you going to do?”

“Take a nap!” No way.
Of course, he was going to train for meat and rice! Why would he tell his enemy about his plans? He wasn’t that stupid.

Li Xiaohui knew that Gu Chang’an had the habit of napping, so he didn’t care and continued eating.
He had never seen such a hopeless person like Gu Chang’an, who liked to eat and sleep in.
He didn’t know what kind of girl would be attracted to someone like Gu Chang’an.
His old man was a leader, but he couldn’t protect Gu Chang’an for the rest of his life.
No family with long-term vision would be willing to marry their daughter to the Gu’s third child.

On Su Qinghe’s birthday, their family was as lively as it was on New Year’s.
Gao Xiulan got up early and worked in the kitchen.
Next to her was Su Qinghe, who was making breakfast and longevity buns and noodles.

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua wanted to help but did not know what to do.
The children gathered around.
Their aunt said that they would be drinking fish soup later at lunch.
They looked at the fish like it was already fish soup.

Gao Xiulan glanced at the children, wanting to say a few words.
But, since it was her daughter’s birthday, she didn’t want to lose her temper.

While kneading the dough, she said to her daughter, “Last year, I made birthday buns with the white flour that your uncle brought back from the supply and marketing cooperative.
Let’s make two more this year so that Qingmiao’er can eat a lot.”

“Mom, let’s eat together.
If you suffer while I eat, I’ll feel bitter while eating.
If we eat simultaneously, I can have peace of mind.” Influenced by the entire family, Su Qinghe now talked with more sensationalism.
Gao Xiulan was elated when she heard it.
She did not care about a mouthful of food, but she liked hearing her daughter say these sweet words.
She was correct; her daughter was really her little cotton-padded jacket.

Encouraged by the excellent atmosphere, Su Qinghe squeezed small birthday buns for everyone in the family but didn’t say anything.
She didn’t want to spoil the fun.

During breakfast, their family ate cornmeal porridge.
In addition to that, each person had a longevity bun.

“If it weren’t for Qingmiao’er, you guys would not be able to eat this food.
Other people’s grains are bottoming out, while you guys can still eat a mouthful of white flour.”

Su Aiguo looked at the longevity buns, feeling more unwilling to eat them, “Younger sister, eat some more.
Today’s your birthday.
Brother wants you to grow fat and white.”

“Brother, I already have one.
It’s really big.” Su Qinghe bit on her longevity bun.
She really did not want to gain more weight.
Her size was already fine.

Su Aihua said, “Younger sister, big brother can’t take anything out now, but when it gets better, I’ll definitely give you a gift.
Our younger sister will live happily and comfortably.”

Su Aidang rolled his eyes at the two of them and said, “Younger sister, tell me what wishes you have, and I’ll find a way to make it happen.”

Su Qinghe thought about it, “Brother, I don’t lack anything.
However, you lack a wife.
When will you bring home third sister-in-law?”

“Find one to bring home for what? Why don’t you eat another mouthful of food.”

Su Aidang disagreed.

Gao Xiulan nodded in agreement, “Yes, ah.
If you want one, get a wife with good family conditions.
She should be a girl who’s loved by her family so that her family will help up and not hold us back.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua were instantly horrified.
They thought of the same person in their heads.
Aiyo, they were still thinking of a way to tell their mother-in-law not to choose Tian Xiaomei for their third brother-in-law.

However, their mother-in-law seems to want to find a wife that’s like Tian Xiaomei…

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