Leaving the old Gao family home, Su Qinghe felt terrible, “Mom, let’s get some delicious food to eat for grandma later.”

Gao Xiulan glanced at her daughter, “Eat what eat ah! She won’t eat anything if you take it away.
Your grandmother, just like me, always wants to leave things for the younger generation to eat.
She can’t even spare a bite for herself.
She will leave it for others even if we don’t take it.
I don’t want to take this loss.”

Su Qinghe nodded.
The elders were reluctant so that the younger generation could eat.
This was a very noble thing.

However, her grandmother’s junior was her mother, and she was her mother’s junior…

Forget it.
Whether her mom agrees or not, she will be bringing food next time she comes with her mother to her grandmother’s house.
No matter if grandmother eats it or not, this shows her sincerity.
She was embarrassed to take two eggs and take home some things back.
As soon as they left the village, Su Qinghe saw her aunt, Gao Xiuhong, standing by the road, waiting.

Su Qinghe suddenly became nervous.
Was her aunt waiting for them to fight… Just think of it.
They all came to their parents’ house the same way.
However, she did not bring home any food, while her sister took a bunch of things.
Her heart was certainly not balanced ah.

“Auntie, you haven’t gone back ah.”

Gao Xiulan snorted, “You were waiting for us.
Why? Do you want us to go back and look for mother?”

Gao Xiuhong had a straight face, but when she heard the word ‘mother’, her face turned bitter, and her eyes turned red, “Third sister, Xiulan, ah.
Help me as your big sister.
I am suffering, and this mother doesn’t love me.
I don’t have a son at home to care for me.
I can’t live on.
You can talk to mom and borrow a few mouthfuls of food for me.
Otherwise, Qiuguo’s baby won’t survive.”

“Who cares ah.” Gao Xiulan said unhappily, “Who hasn’t starved to death? If you don’t have the capabilities, why do you have to raise people? Mom was right; it’s not your old Zhao family’s seed.
At most, it was planted on your family’s land.
Why do you have to care so much?”

Su Qinghe: “…”

“…” Gao Xiuhong looked at her sister with her mouth agape.
She then pointed at Gao Xiulan, crying, “You’re really cruel! No wonder Xiuju said you are notoriously bad and disliked in your team.
How can I have such a cruel sister like you?”

Gao Xiulan heatedly laughed, “Ask your mother.
How should I know ah?”

Gao Xiuhong wanted to howl.

Gao Xiulan said, “Don’t look so sad; you might scare our Qingmiao’er.
If you need something, ask mother, not us.
Who cares about who these days? If I help you get things, what would my Qingmiao’er eat? You feel that your Qiuguo is precious, but in my opinion, our Qingmiao’er is more precious than her!”

After saying that, she dragged Su Qinghe away.

Su Qinghe was confused by her the actions of her mother, Gao Xiulan.
Are they still sisters?

Looking back, she saw that her aunt was following behind them.

Gao Xiulan also found out and yelled, “What do you want? Why are you still bugging us?”

Gao Xiuhong wiped her tears, “You black-hearted person! Who is bothering you? I’m going to find Xiuju.
I don’t have a sister like you! When I was a child, I let you have a bite to eat.
You don’t even remember my kindness, you white-eyed wolf!”

“What do you mean you let me have a bite to eat? It’s the family’s.
Why can’t I eat what’s mine?” Gao Xiulan said righteously, pulling her daughter to move faster.

Her steps were fast, and soon, the two sides kept a distance from each other.
Su Qinghe whispered, “Mom, are you sure you don’t want to help?”

“What help? It’s already a surprise that we didn’t have to borrow food from them.
Why do I have to look after them? The relief grain hasn’t even arrived.
Those who suffer will have to eat ashes.
Qingmiao’er, let me tell you.
In the future, don’t help your brothers.
It is already difficult for us women to live well; we can’t afford to help others.”

“Then what if I get in trouble?”

“Ask for help.
They’re your brothers; why wouldn’t they help you?”

Su Qinghe almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

When they returned to Huang He production team’s boundaries, Gao Xiuhong really separated from them.
She went directly to Tianjia village.

When she saw Gao Xiuhong leave, Gao Xiulan smiled proudly, “There’s no use looking for second sister.
Your grandma doesn’t like seeing the two of them.
These two people just had to give birth to girls, letting your grandma get criticized behind her back.
They want to ask your grandmother for food as if she owes them.”

Su Qinghe: “…Mom, my brothers have given you face.
Let’s treat them better in the future.”

Gao Xiulan said, “What do you mean they gave me face? This is my ability to give birth.
What does this have to do with them? They would definitely become girls if they were inside aunt and second aunt’s belly.
They owe it to me!”

Su Qinghe laughed dryly and said nothing.
I admit defeat.

When the two arrived at their home, Gao Xiuhong also happened to arrive at Tianjia Village, Gao Xiuyu’s home.

Gao Xiuyu was preparing food, and her family was ready to eat.
Her man, Tian Manguan, was persuading her son to eat more and kept transferring the contents of his bowl to his son’s bowl.
Then, the son placed the portion he received in his wife’s bowl, then the wife pushed aside this food for her daughters…

Gao Xiuju watched this scene and ate on her own.
Just as she was about to put the food in her mouth, she saw her sister come in, then looked at the rice in her bowl… After hesitating, she went back to the kitchen to get a bowl of rice and give some to her elder sister to eat.
Seeing that her son and daughter-in-law were eating, she felt it wouldn’t be good to talk in front of them.
She pulled Gao Xiuhong inside her room to eat and chat.

“Sister, why didn’t you come earlier?” If she had come early, she wouldn’t have had to rush to eat.

Gao Xiuhong was moved to tears because of Gao Xiuju’s few mouthfuls of food.
She had just experienced Gao Xiulan, that cruel sister’s blows.
Now, Gao Xiuju lets her feel the warmth of having relatives.

“Xiuju, I’ve had a hard time ah… I don’t have a son, so I asked Qiuguo to find a husband to help your brother-in-law and me guard against old age.
It’s the barren year, and Qiuguo’s children are still small, while her husband cannot work well.
Your brother-in-law and I can’t live anymore.”

Gao Xiuju felt very sad.
When she didn’t have a son, she was also worried about looking for a son-in-law, fearing that life would be difficult.
Fortunately, she gave birth to a son.

“Tell me what you think about today.
Xiuju, I went to borrow food from mom today, and she scolded me.
That’s fine, but when third sister came, she even served her brown sugar water and gave her a bunch of things.
Wuwuwu… I feel so wronged.
I asked my third sister for help, but she told me I deserved it.
She doesn’t remember our precious feelings at all.
She even laughed at me for giving birth to a girl.
What’s wrong with a girl? Didn’t she also give birth to a girl? Why is her daughter different from others?”

Gao Xiuju nodded in agreement, “Qingmiao’er is really different from other girls.”

Gao Xiuhong choked.

“Xiuju, what are you saying? Didn’t you tell me that the daughter of Old Third’s family likes to eat good food and is lazy? That she was raised like a daughter of a family of landlords?”

“… That’s because she is blessed.
She has her three brothers and her sisters-in-law’s support.
She doesn’t have to work because she has someone to support her.
Of course, she will enjoy those blessings.” If Qingmiao’er refused those blessings, their team would have starved to death.

Gao Xiuhong burst into tears, “You also look down on me for not giving birth to a son, and my daughter has no brothers.
Are you going to laugh at me too? Why do I have such a hard life? I came to you to chat, and you said the same thing.
What do I do now?”

Gao Xiuju thought her sister was crazy.
She didn’t even say anything.
She just said that Qingmiao’er had good fortune.
There was nothing wrong with what she said.
Whose brother would be so willing to love and spoil their sister so much? It really was different for Qingmiao’er.
Even if Gao Xiulan was hateful, her daughter was a good child.

She planned to go to Gao Xiuju, who had a conflict with Gao Xiulan, to borrow some food.
Now, Gao Xiuhong was also hit by Gao Xiuju’s blows.
She did not want to borrow food anymore.
Suddenly, she felt that second and third sisters were already working hand in hand.

If she mentioned the matter of borrowing food, she would be scolded again.
She’s had enough!

Of course, before leaving, she still drank the porridge in her bowl.
Drink, and she would save some more for her child to eat.

On the old Su family’s side, Gao Xiulan showed her sons the things she brought back from her mother’s house.

“Look, look.
I went there empty-handed.
Do you see how many things your grandma gave me? Going to my maiden home empty-handed, coming back to my husband’s home with my hands full.
That’s what I’ve been doing for so many years.
It’s a pity I didn’t have the good fortune to find such a good daughter-in-law.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua both lowered their heads.

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua were also embarrassed.
A while ago, their in-laws sent food over, and their mother returned it to them to save face.

Su Aidang patted his chest and said, “Mom, don’t worry.
When I find a daughter-in-law in the future, she will do what you want to do.”

Su Qinghe held her forehead.
Third brother, be careful, or you might live a lonely life…

The children all stared at the sugar on the table, their eyes glowing.
They looked at Su Qinghe and Gao Xiulan eagerly.

Gao Xiulan didn’t give them anything to eat and went directly back to her room.
Su Qinghe followed, “Mom, I broke up a small piece to let them have a taste.
I promised San Ya earlier.”

“Whatever you want.” Gao Xiulan was reluctant.

While she was inattentive, Su Qinghe immediately placed a small piece inside her mom’s mouth.

Gao Xiulan’s eyes reddened, and she was about to spit it out, but Su Qinghe covered her mouth.

“Mom, it will melt if you spit it out.”

“Why are you causing trouble? How wasteful it is for mom to eat that.
You’re such a thoughtless girl.
I was going to save this sugar for your birthday and make sweet pastries for you.”

Su Qinghe smiled and said, “Mom, you had a hard time giving birth to me.
You have to taste this first before I can eat.”

Gao Xiulan’s heart melted when she heard this.

Because she was in a good mood, Gao Xiulan cracked a few pieces of sugar and added them to water to give the children to drink.

The children drank it happily.

Su Qinghe said, “Your grandma loves you so much.” She should let the children feel the warmth of a family… Even if it’s fake.

The five children nodded their heads together.
Gao Xiulan said with a sullen face, “This is what your aunt brought back from her grandma’s house.
Don’t forget to bring home food from your grandmother’s house for your aunt to eat in the future.
If you don’t think of your aunt before eating something delicious, you will become white-eyed wolves who stabbed people in their backs!”

“Grandma, I’ll give my aunt something to eat!” San Ya shouted.

Da Ya, Er Ya, Dabao, and Erbao also nodded, “We will give our aunt something to eat.”

Gao Xiulan touched San Ya’s head, “This girl’s not bad.”

San Ya immediately straightened up, while the other children looked envious.
Well, their grandma will like them if they are good to their aunt.

Gao Xiulan was very satisfied with the children’s performance.
As long as her maiden family treated her daughter well and found a suitable husband for her in the future, she did not have to be worried at all.

She just did not know if her silly brother had the ability.

When it was dark, Su Qinghe’s uncle, Gao Fusheng, finally returned to his home in Gaojia village.
He came from the commune’s supply and marketing cooperative.

He was holding things in his hand and went straight to his mother’s room in front of his wife, “Mom, I’m home.”

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