The team had a large dining hall a few years ago.
Before the famine, everyone went to the dining hall with bowls and chopsticks to eat their three meals and left with their stomachs full.
Every household had no complaints when contributing to the big iron pot at the time.
Anyway, it was no use.

The original owner also ate in the dining hall with Gao Xiulan and her three brothers.
Every time she ate there, she had large pieces of meat.
Because of this, she knew the taste of meat and missed eating it, so she ran away and left the family to eat it.

Everyone had good memories of the dining hall.
However, it has been closed since last year.
There was nothing they could do since there was no food supply.
If they reopen the dining hall, the food supply will not last even a few days.
Instead, they distributed the grains to each family according to their share of work.

Now, even that is useless.
No matter how they controlled grain distribution, there was just not enough food to eat.

The team is finally reopening the large dining hall now that there is no food to eat.
Even if they could only eat one meal a day, everyone was excited and teary-eyed.

They can have at least one full meal if the dining hall opens.

Su Qinghe went back to discuss it with her family.
She wanted to help out in the dining hall.
Su Qinghe could earn a lot of food while helping the entire team ah.
She already planned things out; everything will be converted to husked rice.
It can be eaten, and the husk can also be processed into bran for eating.
That would last until the relief grain arrives.

Su Qinghe does not intend to assist the team in acquiring food for a long time.
She knows she cannot stand being that tired, so she only plans to help until the relief grain is ready.

Gao Xiulan said, “No, you should not go; you’ll get tired.
What would you do if you get exhausted? Why should they have the fortune of eating the food you personally cooked?”

The three Su brothers also disagreed.
They do not want to see their little sister suffer like this.

Su Aiguo said, “If you really have to go, come with your sister-in-law.”

Lin Shuhong’s eyes lit up hearing this.
Working in the dining hall is good; you can eat more than the others.

Ding Guihua hurriedly said, “I can also come; I’m strong.”

Gao Xiulan looked at them contemptuously, “What are you thinking? You have to work in the fields.
Don’t we have to complete our family’s work?”

Su Qinghe added, “Mom, I’m already going to be sixteen next month.
If I don’t do well, won’t I be unable to find a good husband in the future?”

Gao Xiulan frowned, “Who said you won’t be able to find a suitable husband? It’s their blessing for my daughter to like their sons.
Can they see a maiden raised better across these ten miles and eight villages? [1]”

[1] ten miles and eight villages – it’s a common saying that means “adjacent/nearby areas” it’s not the literal distance and number of villages

You speak as if you’re raising pigs… Su Qinghe laughed dryly, “Mom, I’m just trying to have a better reputation.
Anyway, it’s just cooking a meal.
I’ll go and have fun.” Then, she went close to Gao Xiulan’s ear and said, “Mom, the point is it is convenient to take advantage of this.
I’ve thought of it already.
I’m like, mother, I won’t let myself suffer!”

These words touched Gao Xiulan deeply.

She smiled meaningfully at Su Qinghe, “Okay, let’s both go out and help.”

Su Qinghe also smiled.
She already knew that to persuade the old lady, she must speak using her three views.

As for hard work and dedication to helping others, in the eyes of the old lady, that is all just a bunch of bullshit.

It was not going to be easy to get this job.
The three villages in the team were all looking at this.
Who does not want to join in and be able to eat more?

Ultimately, this matter will be decided by the Old Captain, Guo Changsheng.

Gao Xiulan is a person who knows how to act, and she is one of the best at that.
Now that they have decided to go to the dining hall to take advantage… No, to help, then she has to do it.
If she fails, then she will lose face when she goes out.
They will think that she, Gao Xiulan, is cowardly.

Thus, she immediately set off to Guo Changsheng’s house.

Guo Changsheng originally moved into town, and his ancestral roots were not here.
Thus, his house was built on the village head’s uncultivated land.
His place was not as good as the villagers.
It was created with mud and gravel, while the house’s roof was made of cogon grass.

Before Su Qinghe and Gao Xiulan could even enter the yard, they heard a commotion inside.

“Old Captain, I’m strong, can fight and lift.
I will do anything.
Just let me work in the dining hall.
I promise I won’tt steal food, and I’ll be satisfied withmy foode.”

“Let me be the one to go; I’m a good cook at home.
Who in the village doesn’t know that I’m quick with my hands ah?”

“I’m really good at cooking.
I’m the best at cooking pig food in the fields.”

Su Qinghe: “…”

“Everyone step aside.” Gao Xiulan shouted as soon as she stepped inside the yard.

The expression on their faces changed when they heard Gao Xiulan’s voice.
In their hearts, they secretly said, “This is bad.
Is the old lady of the Su family also planning on working in the dining hall?”

Guo Changsheng saw Gao Xiulan and felt a headache coming.

When he first arrived in the village, Gao Xiulan was recently widowed.
At that time, Gao Xiulan often caused trouble for him.
This was because her man, Su Dagen, sacrificed his life to guide the People’s Liberation Army.
Naturally, he ended up as a martyr for Guo Changsheng’s comrade-in-arms.
If he didn’t help them, then he is just like a white-eyed wolf.

He has forcibly endured a lot of things over the years, “Comrade Gao Xiulan, are you planning to join the dining hall too?”

Gao Xiulan replied, “That’s right.
As a martyr’s family, we should stand up and help in such a large event.
Otherwise, I won’t have the face to explain to my husband, who sacrificed himself.
Changsheng, you and Dagen were comrade-in-arms that time…”

Guo Changsheng: “…” Su Dagen was not in the army.
What comrade-in-arms are you talking about?

Gao Xiulan cried as she spoke, “Us widows and children left behind has suffered a lot.
Everyone can just bully us over the years.
If our Dagen did not leave, our family would have had a lot to eat.
Dagen and I would feed the children even if we could not eat.
Our life is so miserable——”

She cried out loud without tears.

Su Qinghe did not expect her mother did not even talk about business and directly make a scene.

The other villagers already felt numb.
They were obviously accustomed to Gao Xiulan’s temper for years now.

She was bound to cause trouble wherever she went.
Even if Gao Xiulan had to cause a scene, it was necessary to accomplish her goal.

Guo Changsheng’s face darkened, “Comrade Gao Xiulan, you don’t have to make so much noise if you need to say something.
What would people who hear you say?”

Gao Xiulan sniffled, “I can’t live any longer.
I just want to contribute to the team so that I don’t disgrace our roots in the future.
I would not let down our reputation as a family of martyrs.”

Guo Changsheng helplessly scratched at his head, “Go, go, go.
You can work at the dining hall.”

Gao Xiulan immediately wiped her tears away in satisfaction, “My daughter too.
We’re going together.”

Guo Changsheng: “…” He knew what her daughter was like.
In so many years, he has never seen her work!

He looked at Su Qinghe, who immediately straightened her back and said, “I also want to make a name for my dad.
I don’t want to disgrace him.”

When a person saw that Gao Xiulan was not going to go by herself but was also bringing a lazy girl to take advantage, they hurriedly said, “Why don’t you go to the field if you want to work? Why work in the dining hall?”

Seeing that they wanted to bully her daughter, Gao Xiulan immediately frowned, her hands at her waist, “What’s the matter? Are you going to bully us, widows and orphans? Are you going to fight or swear at me?”

That person was frightened and quickly hid behind the crowd, not wanting to fight with Gao Xiulan.
If they caught Gao Xiulan’s eye, then their family would not be able to live in peace in the future.
She would go to their house and cause a scene every day.

Guo Changsheng shook his hand, “Comrade Gao Xiulan, there’s nothing wrong with what was said.
She has never been to the fields, what could she do in the dining hall?”

Su Qinghe said confidently, “You work in the field so that you can earn work points for yourself.
Meanwhile, working in the dining hall is being selfless! Like my father, I want to sacrifice myself for the sake of others.”

Guo Changsheng: “…”

Gao Xiuland said, “Our Qingmiao’er’s craftsmanship is very good.
She is the one who cooks all our meals at home.
If it was not for the fact that her brothers do not let her work in the field, she would be better at that compared to everyone else.”

The people looked at the sky: “…” There are cows flying in the sky! [2]

[2] cows flying in the sky – tooting your own horn

Gao Xiulan crossed her arms, “What’s the matter? You won’t let our Qingmiao’er in the dining hall?”

Nobody wanted to speak up; whoever spoke up would offend Gao Xiulan.

When Guo Changsheng saw they were terrified, he simply said, “Okay then, both of you go there.
When the time comes, you must not have any other thoughts.
We have to take care of everyone, not just ourselves.”

Gao Xiulan spat out, “Bah, do you think this old lady cares about her own mouth?” She only cared about her daughter’s mouth.

Su Qinghe also spoke, “My mother and I are conscientious people; you can be assured, old captain.”

Guo Changsheng spoke in his heart; I can’t be rest assured because of your mother.

After obtaining the qualifications to work at the dining hall, Gao Xiulan walked away proudly.

Seeing her mother like this, Su Qinghe thought of a sentence: If women aren’t ruthless, their status would be unstable.
Although this was used for matters between men and women, this worked well in describing her mother.

The team members soon found out who was chosen to work in the dining hall.
Su Cuihua, the captain’s daughter-in-law; Su Baoshan, the dining hall’s previous chef; and Gao Xiulan and her daughter.

Everyone on the team: “…” Forget it.
Anyway, they have mouths to feed.
People should not be greedy.

The entire team ran toward the space outside the hall as soon as the dining hall was opened.
It was crowded with people.
The old and the young all carried bowls and chopsticks.
Their eyes shone as they looked at the dining hall.

Su Qinghe looked at this scene, almost dropping her iron ladle.

After cooking at home, Su Qinghe knew that as long as she was the one who cooked the food and held the cooking spoon, then she did not need to do the chores.
Su Qinghe already talked this out with Gao Xiulan.
She had to get the pot assigned to her because this was the easiest job.
When they go out, they can also say that the people are eating from their pots.
How nice was that?

To help her daughter be lazy, Gao Xiulan pushed out the chef and the captain’s daughter-in-law as soon as she got to the kitchen.

The two did not expect much from this mother and daughter.
They only hoped that they had no other thoughts.
If they wanted to take control of the pot, then take control of the pot.
This was not an easy job too.

Su Qinghe had to mix the grains from the dining hall in the iron pot.
Gao Xiulan cooperated with her daughter and heated the stove.
The chef and Guo Changsheng’s daughter-in-law, Su Cuihua, served the food to everyone who went to the hall.

As soon as he was served a spoonful of porridge, the person holding the bowl almost cried.
How long has it been since he was able to eat porridge? He hurriedly spooned the food in his mouth right as he moved to the side.

After having a few bites, he thought that it was really delicious.
Even if the little sister from the old Su family did not look like she knew how to work, her craftsmanship was really good.

Su Qinghe did not know that even if she cooked casually, people still thought her food was delicious.
When the food left the iron pot, a bunch of sounds rang in her head.

The ringing sound had not stopped; she thought she would die hearing the sound.

Fortunately, the last pot of food was cooked, and the sound inside her head also stopped.

Su Qinghe was just about to relax when a loud sound came out of her head, “Ding—— Completed the cooking task: Cook for more than a thousand people.
The host is diligent and has a noble character so she will be rewarded with 5,000 catties of rice.
Please continue with your efforts and show a hardworking spirit.”


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