Su Qinghe’s head crashed for a second.
She didn’t react because she was in deep sleep.
However, because a voice sounded in her head, it still refreshed her.
She opened her eyes and looked at the darkroom for a moment.
Then she thought of something and closed her eyes immediately, “System, you said the chicken soup is ready?”

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“The authentic farmhouse old hen soup has reached its best temperature, with complete color and fragrance, which meets the qualified taste of this dish and passed the evaluation.”

Oh… Su Qinghe breathed a sigh of relief, and then said, “System, you know so clearly, did you steal our old hen soup while I was sleeping in the middle of the night?”

“Please note that the host’s craftsmanship has not yet reached this standard.
In the interstellar cafeteria, only the luminous food made by the top chefs can make the artificial intelligence tempted.”

Su Qinghe felt that she was joking with an AI.
It was like a chicken talking with a duck.
The system is so hostile! She simply closed her eyes to check her reward.

Two old hens laying eggs.

Pictures of two old hens appeared in the storage space.
It is no different from the old hen owned by the family before it lost weight.
Just looking at a little fat…it is quite satisfying.
Suddenly she remembered the old hen soup simmering on the stove again, Su Qinghe couldn’t help swallowing her saliva.

“Host, please note that the main function of laying hens is to lay eggs, but the hen itself is not the best ingredient.”

Su Qinghe said, “It’s okay, our old hen is also used for laying eggs.
The egg-laying hens are very fragrant.”

“This is a bred laying hen.
The meat quality is worse than that of an ordinary old hen.”

Su Qinghe was stunned when she heard this.
“You mean, it has only such an advantage in laying eggs? If I knew I might have thought of ordinary hens, so it can lay eggs and we can eat them.”

“Host, the number of these hens can lay is one more egg per day than ordinary old hens.”

“That’s to say, this chicken can lay at least one egg a day, or two more often?” Su Qinghe’s heart immediately became warm.

The old hen who had just dedicated her life to their family could not lay an egg a day before.
Only three to four in a week.
If these two old hens lay their eggs well, two chickens can lay two in a day, and more often they can lay four…then the family will be able to eat eggs every day.

One will give her a single meal, and the rest will be made into custard by her mother to make up for the family.
It’s just perfect.

Su Qinghe thought about finding an opportunity in a few days to send the old hen to Gao Xiulan’s room.
Then she remembered that in this era people cannot raise too many poultry animals.

After raising two, people will say that you are engaging in capitalism.
She pondered for a moment, she planned to eat one and raise one.
Now that a pot of soup has been boiled, there is no hurry to eat.
The first thing to do is to raise a hen and let it lay eggs for a few days.

“System, I will take one out first, and I will keep the other in the storage space.
Can it lay eggs?”

“Food has its own normal living space in the storage space.
Laying hens can also lay eggs normally.”

Su Qing happily said, “Then put it in the space and lay eggs.”

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“Hosts please note that because the hens can lay eggs in the storage space, they need to take up extra space in the storage space, so one egg per day is required as rent.”

The corner of Su Qinghe’s mouth twitched.

Although there’s a charge rent, Su Qinghe still decided to put an old hen inside the space to raise.
This is safer, she can’t let the whole family take risks just for an egg.

Anyway, she can get some food every day.
The system itself said that it can lay one more egg per day than a normal chicken so, there will always be a surplus.
They can eat meat as soon as the time comes.

She couldn’t help swallowing again. I hope it will dawn soon…

Not only did Su Qinghe hope for dawn, but the entire old Su family hoped for dawn.

Su Qinghe walked out of the room with dark circles under her eyes and saw that everyone in the house was wearing dark circles.

They can’t help it, they haven’t eaten a chicken for so many years.
They’ve been thinking of how delicious the meat should be all night.

Er Bao and San Ya don’t have dark circles.
The two children haven’t even seen chicken soup.
In their eyes, chicken soup is no different from other food.

Gao Xiulan came out of the room and looked at her son and daughters-in-law’s unpromising appearance, she suddenly curled her lips, “what are you thinking about all day? Why didn’t you pay such a lot of attention when honoring your mother.”

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua suddenly lowered their heads in shame.

Su Qinghe didn’t want to listen to her mother scolding people early in the morning, and quickly said, “Mom, why don’t we drink a little in the morning?” She was also greedy.

Gao Xiulan glanced at her daughter and found that her eyes were also dark, and she felt distressed, “Oh, Qing’er, why haven’t you slept well? If you want to drink soup, tell your mom.
Mom will bring it to you.
Look at your black eyes, how uncomfortable it is.
Let’s go and have soup right away.
When you’re done, go back to sleep.
A girl should sleep well.”

Because Su Qinghe wanted to drink soup, Gao Xiulan didn’t wait until noon and planned to let everyone drink two sips in the morning.
Of course, it was just soup.
The meat still had to wait until noon.
After all, lunch was the most important.

Even if you can’t eat meat, it’s good to have a mouthful of soup.
Everyone slobbered, and then listen to Gao Xiulan’s instructions, they immediately went to the kitchen to carry the soup pot.

As soon as the jar was opened, a scent drifted from it, and everyone who smelled it felt energetic.
Worried about the fragrance floating too far away, the kitchen doors and windows are closed tightly and the gaps were stuffed with red rags.

That’s it.
Gao Xiulan was a little worried, so she hurriedly gave everyone half a bowl, and asked them to drink quickly.
A piece of chicken breast was left in both the Dabao and Erbao bowls.

When it was Su Qinghe’s turn, there was a bowl full of soup, plus a chicken leg and a chicken wing.

She said lovingly, “Our Qing’er has worked hard so, eat a little more.
Let’s save the rest of the chicken legs and wings for lunch.”

Worried that Su Qinghe might not eat well in front of everyone, Gao Xiulan put the pot of chicken soup on the stove and continued to simmer.
She went back to the room with her daughter directly carrying the bowl.

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Everyone has been accustomed to this kind of differential treatment for many years.
And the old hen was raised by the old lady, if she can take it out for everyone to eat everyone will be satisfied.

When Gao Xiulan left, everyone was busy drinking the soup, gulping it down.
Even if it burns the mouth, they still feel it is a kind of enjoyment.

Fragrant, too fragrant.
How could there be such a delicious thing? The chicken soup is the best in the world!

Everyone ate and wept with excitement.

Although it is delicious, adults still don’t want to drink more.
After taking a few sips to satisfy their cravings, they took advantage of Gao Xiulan’s absence to share the rest with the children.
It’s rare to eat some nutritious food, and it also to supplement the children.

Da Ya said, “Mom and Dad, we already have some.
You guys drink more.
Grandma said you have to work so, you need to eat more to have strength.”

Lin Shuhong smiled and said, “Mom and Dad are eating well, so you guys eat more too.
Grow up more.”

On the other side, Dabao was struggling with the chicken soup.
He does not want to give up such a good chicken soup at all.

He looked at his sister San Ya, well, the little girl also has in her bowl, she is so small, so it’s enough for her to drink.

And then look at Daya and Erma. Yo, they both have it.
There must be enough to drink.
Let’s drink our own.

So he poured a big mouthful into his mouth.
As for the only piece of meat, he also poured it directly into his mouth.
After all, there is only one piece of meat, it is not easy to share ah.

In the room, Su Qinghe also stuffed chicken wings into Gao Xiulan’s bowl.

Gao Xiulan is very eccentric, but there is one thing about her that people can’t find a problem.
In addition to her unconditional doting on her daughter, she distributes her food according to her work and never eats more.
So others have half a bowl of soup, and she has only half a bowl of soup.
Not even minced meat.

Although Su Qinghe ate alone, she didn’t want to watch her good old lady drinking soup beside her, so she insisted on taking out the chicken wings for Gao Xiulan.

Mom, I still have food for lunch.
One chicken leg is enough for me to eat in the morning.
When I get hungry later, I’ll have some gnocchi.
Now with my dad, I’m not afraid of running out of food.” She said with a proud face.
It was as if her father, Su Dagen, gave her strong support.

Gao Xiulan was holding chicken wings, her eyes were red, “Qing’er, mom knows that you are the most filial.
Your brothers and sisters-in-law only care about their children but never care about their old mother.
You are the most caring, and you even give me chicken wings.”

Su Qinghe: “…” This is actually easy to understand.
The distribution rights of food in the family belong to the old lady, and her brothers didn’t realize that their mother also needs to be fed.

“Mom, you should eat more.
My brother and the others won’t say anything.
They are all filial.”

Gao Xiulan said, “Why do I have to eat more? If Mom eats more, won’t you eat less? Mom has to save it for you to eat.”

These words moved Su Qinghe so much.
She quickly said, “Mom, you eat more.
Eat meat.
I just hope mom is in good health.”

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This is true.
Regardless of how the old lady treats others, she is really kind to her.

Gao Xiulan was moved to eat the chicken wings and wiped her tears when she took a bite, “The soup made by Qing’er is delicious.
You really take after me!”

Su Qinghe also drank the soup herself; it was so fragrant!

After drinking the soup, everyone went to work very vigorously.

Gao Xiulan is carefully handling a few chicken bones.
It must not be thrown out, only the clean chicken bones can be buried in the soil.
Then she went back to the room and talked to the big urn.

“Dagen, our old hen is gone.
You should remember to deliver an old hen.
Your daughter is still waiting for the old hen’s eggs to mend her body.
You were not there at the time, and she is not in good health, so you have to give her a good tonic.
Don’t forget it!”

The Su family who ate chicken soup also worked much more quickly.
Both Su Aiguo and Su Aihua were responsible for transporting grain from the ground to the threshing floor.

They walked with flying strides.
Looking at other families; they are all weak and hungry.
Some have started to swell up.

They are very glad that they have a capable mother at home.

It’s great to have a mother.

Mom is right, God protects filial children.

On the other side, Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua are thinking about the morning soup and the meat that will arrive in their mouths at noon.

Ding Guihua deliberately said, “Sister-in-law, are you still planning to split up? When will you talk to mom? If you are worried about anything, I will help you to say good things to mom.”

This was a bit of temptation and encouragement. She really hoped that Lin Shuhong would split up.

Although when something happens, she will be on the united front with Lin Shuhong.
But there is only so little affection between sisters-in-law.

Can you like your own sister? If Lin Shuhong split out, her family would have been able to eat one more bite.

Lin Shuhong is not stupid.
Before, she wanted to let the children eat more food, so she thought that after the separation, the family’s food can be freely controlled and she can feed the children more.
Otherwise, why would she do this at the risk of being scolded by her own man and being rectified by her mother-in-law? But now there is no need to separate families, and the children’s rations are more than before.
Why would she be so foolish to do that?

“Guihua, don’t say anything about this, I was just talking to your brother for fun.
Don’t mention it again.
If our mother hears about it, she will think it’s true.
We’re satisfied with our life.
Don’t think about what’s not.”

The only reason for this is to get a bite to eat.
Ding Guihua smiled.

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Because they have to drink chicken soup and eat meat at noon, the children work very hard in the morning.
After finishing the work, several children gathered around Su Qinghe.
Even Su Dabao didn’t go out to hide.

Su Qinghe gave everyone a piece of dried sweet potatoes, and everyone sat in the yard eating dried sweet potatoes while looking in the direction of the kitchen.

Gao Xiulan came out of the house and looked at this scene, furious.
“What are you doing in your spare time? Go out with me to collect firewood.
Eat, eat, eat, all day and night looking for your aunt for food, can’t wait for your aunt to starve to death?”

Su Qinghe: “…… mom, I give them food.
Don’t scold.”

Gao Xiulan said with a sad look, “Our Qing’er have a good heart, and these rascals have no conscience.
You give them food to eat but they don’t know to feel sorry for their aunt.
They don’t remember how good you are as an aunt.”

Sanya was the most clever and immediately shouted, “Love aunt! Auntie is good!”

The other children nodded immediately.

Gao Xiulan said with satisfaction, “It’s good that you know.
Remember your aunt, and be filial to your aunt when you grow up.
Without your aunt, grandma would not have raised chickens and you won’t have chicken soup or dried sweet potatoes to eat.”

Su Qinghe heard what she said and suddenly felt that she was so great to eat alone.

The children continued to nod their heads, “Aunt is good.
Be filial to aunt!” Grandma said only when we have aunt can we drink soup.

Finally, it’s noon.

The family came back almost at the same time, and even the children came back quickly with their little feet.

Because of the soup at noon, Su Qinghe used cornflour and several other coarse grains mixed together at noon, making a slightly thicker meal of paste.
This can also be soaked with chicken soup to eat.

The adults endured it, and the children had green eyes1.

Especially the two small ones.
When they ate in the big canteen, they were still young and didn’t remember anything.
When they grew up, the dining hall collapsed.
In famine years, I don’t remember eating such a delicious meal.

Gao Xiulan shared rice with them in pain and then divided chicken soup.
Each person was divided into three or four pieces of meat.

The chicken legs and chicken wings naturally belonged to Su Qinghe alone. Several pieces of chicken breast were also added.

However, Su Qinghe still only ate one chicken leg and two or three pieces of chicken breasts.
The remaining chicken wings and a few pieces of chicken were reserved for the third brother, Su Aidang.
He was making steel outside by himself, and he didn’t eat any good food at home.
At any rate, we must leave some food for him.

Coincidentally, in the afternoon, Su Ai Dang came home.


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