Su Liang was dreaming again.

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The Lu Zhizhao in his dreams was still so gentle, so calm, when he was looking at someone, he always seemed extraordinarily reliable. 

It was still that reassuring appearance.

“I will return.”



Su Liang calmly listened to the words Lu Zhizhao spoke in his dream.

It was a vivid dream.
Lu Zhizhao even held his hands tightly, the red around his eyes looking exactly the same as before. 

“Xiao Liang, you have to wait for me! This time, when I go back, I’ll clearly explain thoroughly to Ning Jiayi and the Lu family.
The person I love is you, from the beginning until now, it was you, has been you, and will always be you!”


“I never cared about your beta status, I don’t care about omegas, I can’t be with Ning Jiayi just for that ridiculous match rate, I believe that he will understand as well! That’s why, this time I’ll be able to completely solve our problems that’s been troubling us for so many years.”

“I just don’t want you to follow me to hide.
We are just in love, we didn’t commit a crime, we shouldn’t have to hide like this.”

“Xiao Liang, wait for me, wait for me to come back.
The two of us can truly be together.”


“Xiao Liang……”

In the darkness, Su Liang opened his eyes on the cold bed.

There were some vague noises in the distance.
It sounded as if there were people who got drunk and starting to cause trouble.
Of course, it also might just be someone getting robbed.
Similar noises occur almost ever other night, which was a normal occurrence for Su Liang, who lived in the poorest and most dilapidated slums in the entire 48 districts of China.


This was unmistakably a slum, the final destination for the most pathetic people who have been [screened out by life.] 

And here was the only place for Su Liang.

…… The darling of the Lu family since childhood, top alpha Lu Zhizhao was undoubtedly naive in some aspects.

He would never imagine that, as one of the top giants in the Earth Alliance, if the Lu family wants to make a person’s life difficult, then that person will definitely go through hell.

Even Su Liang who was once a member of the Lu Family was the same. 

Su Liang gasped hard, rubbing and turning on the bedside lamp.

There was a rustling sound of electricity, and the energy-saving lamps on the ceiling flickered for a while before lighting up steadily.
The light was very dim, making the whole house more dilapidated and desolate.

Su Liang got up slowly from the bed.
His entire body felt cold, and a burst of violent pain surged from his chest, making him unable to do anything besides retching.

The desolate screams outside the dilapidated hut, and the frantic howls of laughter from the little hooligans made Su Liang’s headache worse. 

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[ “If you want to live longer, you have to rest.
Su Liang, don’t treat your life as a joke.”]

The last time he went to see the doctor seemed to be a long, long time ago, but strangely, at that moment, Su Liang somehow remembered the warning that the stern doctor had issued to him.


He can’t help but find it laughable.

However, it was only a difference between dying early and dying later.
Was there really a need to rest? 

After stopping the coughs with much difficulty, he barely got up to the bedside table, pouring out a little bit of water.
Then, he took out the painkillers from the drawer, swallowed down half of the bottle, the maddening pain easing by a bit.

It was as if there was a hazy, ambiguous film gently isolating his body from the pain.

He slowly moved towards the other corner of the room.
He had to hurry up and change his clothes before the cheap illegal painkillers failed – he still had a whole day of extremely heavy work to do.

Otherwise, he would not even be able to keep this dilapidated rental house in this “junkyard”. 

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Unfortunately, before he could even take a few steps, his extremely weak body suddenly lost its strength.
He staggered and fell onto a chair.

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Pa kjr j nfgs qbqeijg jcv yfjealoei gfqbgafg. 

At that moment, the beautiful reporter’s face was full of smiles.
She was standing on the edge of the [starry sky square], the most famous landmark in the Alliance Capital, and was excitedly broadcasting to the countless audiences in front of the screen.
Everyone knows that today is the wedding of Lu Zhizhao, the most eye-catching heir of the Lu family, and Ning Jiayi, the young master of the Ning family.
This wedding is known as the wedding of the century.
Yes, we all know that Lu Zhizhao’s mental strength has reached S-level two years ago, and Ning Jiayi’s mental strength also broke through S-level last year.
It can be said that the both of them are indeed a match in heaven, and their degree of matching is even rarer than ninety percent… We can expect that the Lu and Ning family will have a deeper cooperation because of this wedding… Yes, the combination of Lu Zhizhao and Ning Jiayi has also been blessed by the masses…”

The TV was too old, and the reporter’s voice became harsh and fuzzy from time to time.

Su Liang sat in the chair blankly.

He wanted to turn off the TV, but his body became uncooperative for some reason. 

The chill slowly seeped from his limbs towards his chest.
He was clearly in his room, but Su Liang felt as if he was being dragged into a boundless sea of ice by an invisible hand.

He couldn’t move, so he could only open his eyes numbly, staring at the figures on the screen.

The reporter has disappeared from the screen, and the director couldn’t wait to cut the camera to the wedding scene.

In that luxurious setting, with the dazzling artificial stars in the sky, everything looked so ethereal and wonderful. 

And the two people who walked on the red carpet step by step were even more radiant and handsome, as if they were princes who stepped into reality from a fairy tale.

Well, to be exact, Lu Zhizhao and Ning Jiayi are indeed “princes” in a sense.


Su Liang stared at the two people embracing each other tightly on the screen.

He suddenly realized that what he was looking at, was probably the recording and broadcasting of that wedding. 

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It turns out that that person was getting married.

Su Liang heard a faint whisper in his heart.

Lu Zhizhao…………

He said the name silently. 

The man still looked calm in front of the camera.
His smile looked a little strange, and Su Liang realised that he had never seen Lu Zhizhao smile like that before.

Regardless, he was still handsome, and Ning Jiayi was still beautiful.

The top-notch omega with picturesque eyebrows, looking exquisite and glamorous, looked like a perfect couple when he leaned on Lu Zhizhao’s side.

Everyone probably thinks so as well. 

The TV screen suddenly became fuzzy again.

Su Liang could only hear the deafening cheers of the people at the wedding scene when Lu Zhizhao and Ning Jiayi entered the venue.

It turns out when [two people] fall in love, it is possible to receive such a warm blessing.

This thought flashed through Su Liang’s mind.
He then realized with hindsight that it was natural for two people to be blessed if they fall in love – it was only when he and Lu Zhizhao were together, that they were mocked and restrained by everyone. 

Because Su Liang is a beta.

And Lu Zhizhao is an Alpha.

They shouldn’t have been together in the first place.

In fact, at the time Lu Zhizhao left, Su Liang had already had the feeling that maybe, he would never see Lu Zhizhao again. 

And his instincts were always accurate.

When he saw Lu Zhizhao on the TV, a flash of bitterness appeared in the depths of Su Liang’s body.


Inexplicably, a burst of strength came to him.
Suddenly, his limbs that were disobedient were able to move again.

Su Liang felt that he should get up and get to work as soon as possible.
However, his real movements, was to struggle to touch his communicator. 

He looked at the screen, at the string of numbers that he had been mulling over in his heart, but didn’t press those buttons for a long time.

He still remembers Lu Zhizhao’s communication number.

But in the past two years, he had only called him in the first few months.

[“I’m still negotiating with them, and it’s so annoying.
Those old stubborn coots of the Lu Family are still stuck in the last century.
No wonder my uncle went to another place to avoid them… no, if these guys saw my uncle, they would have pissed in their pants a long time ago, and they won’t be here at all!”] 


[“Xiao Liang….
I’m so tired….
I don’t know what to do anymore.”]

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[“They won’t let me see Ah Yi….”]

[“Xiao Liang, don’t call this number in the future, I suspect that these old coots are listening in.
Be good, when I’m done with these things, I’ll call you back!”] 

[“Xiao Liang, wait for my good news.”]

Later, Su Liang never contacted Lu Zhizhao again.

At this moment, he wanted to call the other part one last time without even knowing why.

It was as if even God had noticed Su Liang’s hesitation at this moment.
He was still typing in the numbers,
At the same time, some old acquaintances sent him messages. 

Among them was the illegal doctor with a stinky face and uncouth words in the underground clinic in that area.
Over the past few days, Su Liang has felt a lot better by relying on the illegal painkillers that he illegally prescribed to himself.

[“Cutie, your medicine arrived, I got you some new ones, but the side effects might be severe and you might die from it.
If you want it, then come by later.”]

Su Liang looked at the cold message and couldn’t help but smile.

The next second, another message popped in. 

[“Surname Su,, you’d better not rely too much on the junk medicine that quack doctor gave you.
If you don’t go to the regular hospital, you will be courting death.
Don’t die in my house.”]

Thus was the landlord’s message.


The doctor and the landlord were drinking buddies on the regular, and his medical condition has long been known by this cold-hearted uncle.
Although he seemed vicious on the surface, Su Liang knew that the landlord was worried about him.

Even now, the reason why Su Liang could survive was because of all the “bad guys” who acted tough in this “garbage dump”. 

He didn’t know why, but looking at the messages on his old communicator made the heavy feeling suppressing his breathing fade away.

During the time when he was being hunted by the Lu family, Lu Zhizhao always thought that Su Liang’s poor health was because he had been hiding all year round.

But they all didn’t know that Su Liang was terminally ill.
Not long after Lu Zhizhao left, Su Liang was sent to the hospital because of a coma.

After that, he was diagnosed with gland dysplasia , a terminal illness. 

The kind doctor looked at the young Su Liang sympathetically, with doubts on his face.

But Su Liang could only smile bitterly at that time.

He didn’t even wait for further diagnosis and treatment, and because all account funds were frozen, he was unable to pay the medical expenses, and finally had to leave the hospital in embarrassment.

Before leaving the hospital, doctors diagnosed him at the time that he might not live more than three months. 

But two years later, Su Liang is still alive.
It’s just that, he was exhausted.

For a long time, without even knowing why he was being so tenacious, Su Liang was struggling, like a cockroach, to live in this world.
But today, Su Liang felt that he did not need to struggle any longer.

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He suddenly felt that his body didn’t seem to be so painful anymore.
The anticipation, confusion, and waiting that were suppressed at the bottom of his heart suddenly disappeared the moment he attained the answer.

Su Liang felt an unprecedented ease. 

The long and luxurious wedding of the century was still playing on the TV screen.
Su Liang listened to the melodious wedding march and left the dilapidated hut step by step, supported by the wall.

He went outside, found a place on the mountain of garbage, and sat down.

He picked up the communicator, this time he didn’t hesitate, but briskly pressed the string of familiar communication numbers.

The communicator connected faster than expected.

A strange, sleepy voice came from the other end of the communicator.

Su Liang did not speak.


That was Ning Jiayi’s voice, Su Liang barely recognized the other’s identity.

Ning Jiayi’s voice was a little hoarse.
Then Su Liang suddenly remembered that for the person on the other end of the communicator, it was about time to sleep. 

After all, there were only a few types of people who were up at this time.
That is, those who were truly desperate, needing to prop up their bodies to do some work when the sky was still dark.

“It’s me-”

At the same time as Su Liang spoke, an electronic sound came from the other end of the microphone after the communicator was hung up.

Su Liang’s eyes were lowered, but there was no expression. 

“I only want to congratulate you.”

He calmly faced the communicator that had no response, and said solemnly word by word.

The sky had turned a magnificent purple-pink, and a dazzling golden edge appeared on the horizon.
The sun rose.

Beep beep beep beep 

The old communicator rolled down from the top of the garbage mountain, and finally got stuck in the gap between garbage and trash.

It made a rapid ringtone, and on the cracked screen flashed the string of numbers that Su Liang had dialed not long ago.

It rang for a long, long time, but all the while, no one answered.

Su Liang died peacefully on the day after Lu Zhizhao and Ning Jiayi’s wedding. 

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