A lake was inconsistent with the desolate land.
At its center stood a rock covered with moss.

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The rock scene at the surface on the very center of the lake looks deeply rooted under the water.


And a sword stuck at that rock.


What people always say every time they see the rock alone in the middle of the lake is, “That’s the Excalibur.
The one who takes that sword will be the king of Britain, right?”


Morgana also glanced at the sword as she listened to the chatters of those who groaned on the outskirts of the lake.


I don’t know if it’s because of the Legend or the Oracle, but in my eyes, even the waves glistening in the sunlight through the greenery looked beautiful.


The vast lake seemed like a fantasy at first glance.


Morgana looked around. In the distance before her and behind the lake, the lands of the Kingdoms of Britain and Avalon could be seen.


A border area between two opposing Kingdoms.


Like its name, the lake, which can’t be owned by anyone, felt noble beyond formidable.


Since no one could own it, the lake was managed by a neutral temple.


If anyone wanted, the priest would set up a boat and let them see the sword, because everyone didn’t know who would pull the sword.


Morgana hovered around the rock where the sword was while riding a boat.


The priest, who had been rowing the oar in front of her, asked in annoyance,


“Since you’ve seen everything, do you want to go back now?”


“Can I come closer and take a look?” Morgana asked.


There was no answer, but the priest’s face showed his annoyance.


Even so, it’s the sword that the chosen one will pull and become the King of Britain.


Except for her, many people rushed and tried to pull the sword, but for more than 100 years, no one was able to do so.


Among the people of the two Kingdoms, no one had not tried it.

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No wonder, when a child is born they’ll come to the lake to try and pull the sword.


‘This is the continent’s stonework, isn’t it?’


In a hurry, the boat landed near the huge rock.


The blade was so sharp that it was disrespectful to say that the sword had been stuck on the rock for over 100 years.


Seeing the sword that had not yet been drawn, Morgana felt relief inside.


‘Great, it’s still fine.’


The sword will be drawn someday, but not now.


Morgana just came to see it out of curiosity.
It’s just an old relic for the people of the continent, but not for her.


‘Is this the real Excalibur?’


I’ve only seen it in novels, but who would have thought I would see it with my own eyes?


Does anyone here know this sword? In a certain world, it’s a game, a cartoon, and the fact that it’s being used for all kinds of material.


Morgana grabbed the handle of the sword and shoved it secretly.


‘If possible, please don’t get pulled yet, hang in there, just until I make money!’


The priest frowned grotesquely at her behavior.


At that moment, the sword stuck in the rock shook, and the stones rumbled.




When Morgana tightened her grip on the hilt, the sword was pulled out.


Clank—, Morgana held the sword, the legendary sword, that Excalibur.


“I, I was chosen…?”

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For a moment the priest’s eyes widened.


Morgana glanced down at the sword she was holding and slid it straight into the rock.


A clattering, unstable voice echoed through her mind.


— Congratulations!★ You pulled Excalibur!


What does this mean?


— At last! This sword has woken up after 100 years! Ta-da!


Even against Morgana’s will, the sword in her hand glistened as she raised it.


After abruptly pulling the sword, her image became the figure of a warrior, with her hand lifti

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