Ming Huashang was not very familiar with Ming Huazhang, but she could instinctually feel that Ming Huazhang was a little unhappy and wanted to take her out of there.
Ming Huashang smiled at Xie Jichuan and the other young men, and responded crisply, “Okay, thank you, second elder brother.”

The brother and sister pair turned and left.
They both wore the same color, but one was tall, and the other was short.
One was a simple cut robe, and the other was a gorgeous dress.
Walking side by side, they looked perfect together.
The rest of the young masters watched from behind and sighed, “Having a twin brother or sister is great.
No matter where you go, with one meeting you can tell that they came from the same place.
They were born to be closer to one another than others.”

“But having said that, I thought Ming Huazhang’s younger sister would also be a cold beauty.
I didn’t expect her to be the complete opposite.
Both her appearance and temperament are very sweet.”

“Yeah, although they are fraternal twins, they don’t look alike at all.”

Xie Jichuan looked away from the crowd, smiled lightly, and said, “It seems that the poetry competition over there is very lively, why don’t we go and have a look?”

All the young masters agreed, and the group of people walked towards the lantern stand in high spirits.
In the completely opposite direction from Xie Jichuan and the others, Ming Huazhang led Ming Huashang down the corridor and asked, “Why did you come?”

Ming Huashang replied, “After coming up the mountain with great difficulty, I can’t stay in the room all the time.
At least, I should come out to greet the host.”

Ming Huazhang said, “I will take you to see Taiping Gongzhu first, and then bring you to the Nuan Pavilion.
Most of the unmarried womenfolk are there.
You girls will have more things to talk about.”

In fact, Ming Huazhang and Ming Huashang were the same age, but he constantly regarded himself as an elder, saying “you girls” every time.
Ming Huashang nodded obediently, “Okay.”

Taiping Gongzhu was currently resting in the palace hall in the back.
With her identity, she didn’t need to socialize with other people at all.
If she wanted to talk to someone she could just call on anyone she wanted to see.
Ming Huazhang arrived quickly.
He glanced over at the closed doors and windows, and said to the maid calmly, “This is Ming Huazhang from the Zhen Imperial Duke manor bringing my younger sister to greet Taiping Gongzhu.
Please pass it on.”

After a while, the maid came back and led the way, “Gongzhu is inside, young master, miss, please.”

Ming Huashang followed her elder brother into the hall, almost sneezing from the warm fragrance in the hall as soon as she entered.
She wrinkled the tip of her nose, quietly suppressing the itching.
When Ming Huashang was saluting, she glanced around the hall from the corner of her eye and unexpectedly found that besides Taiping Gongzhu, there were two young men present.

Ming Huazhang cupped his hands calmly as if he hadn’t noticed them, “This subject pays respects to Taiping Gongzhu, and pays respects to Linzi Wang and Baling Wang.”

Ming Huashang was surprised.
Weren’t these two the crown prince’s sons, Linzi Wang, and Baling Wang? She didn’t dare to show her thoughts on her face, and hurriedly followed her brother to salute, “This subject’s daughter pays respects to Her Highness Gongzhu, Linzi Wang, and Baling Wang.”

Despite having reached middle age, Taiping Gongzhu looked more graceful and luxurious than ever.
Her bun was raised high, with big red silk peony flowers on it, her skin was fair and lustrous, and all aspects of her displayed how pampered she was.

She glanced over at the young girl and boy wearing the same clothes in the hall, paused, and asked, “I heard that Zhen Duke manor gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix twins, could it be you two?”

Ming Huazhang’s eyelashes were lowered, his shoulders were straight, and he said neither humbly nor overbearingly, “It is this subject and younger sister.”

Dragon and phoenix twins were an auspicious omen, and at this moment a beautiful boy and girl pair in scarlet clothes was standing in front of them, it was extremely joyous.
Taiping Gongzhu gradually showed a smile, and said, “I often see the elder brother, but this is the first time Bengong1 has met the younger sister.
Come closer, Bengong will take a good look.”

Ming Huashang looked at Ming Huazhang instinctively, and Ming Huazhang nodded slightly to her.
Ming Huashang walked up the steps in fear.
She was extremely nervous in her heart, but when she faced the others, she still had a smile on her face, “This subject’s daughter greets Her Highness the Gongzhu, and wishes Her Highness everlasting health and safety.”

Ming Huashang had a sweet appearance and when she bent her eyes as she smiled, she almost melted peoples’ hearts.
Taiping Gongzhu held Ming Huashang’s hand, looked left and right, and the more she looked, the more she cherished her: “A pair of children is good, no matter how you dress them up, they are pleasing to the eye.
Duke Zhen is truly blessed to have such a son and daughter pair.”

Upon hearing this, Linzi Wang said, “How can Duke Zhen’s luck be comparable to aunt’s? Aunt is the most blessed person in the world because she has a noble status, both sons and daughters and a harmonious family.”

Ming Huashang thought to herself, was the competition starting now? She laughed so hard that her face almost stiffened, and said in harmony, “Exactly, when I saw Gongzhu today, that’s when I realized that someone as noble, beautiful, talented, and perfect as Her Highness exists in this world.”

Taiping Gongzhu was used to flattery, but no one disliked too many nice words.
The smile on her face deepened, and she said, “You guys, you just know how to make me happy.
I only heard about it before, but today I finally got to meet both twins.
Bengong didn’t prepare anything, but this pair of gold inlaid jade armbands were blessed in Yongning Temple.
I’ll give these to you today as a meeting gift.”

Ming Huashang was taken aback, and quickly declined, “This is too valuable, this subject’s daughter would be ashamed to accept it.”

But Taiping Gongzhu had already taken off the armbands from her pure white and smooth wrist, and cuffed them on Ming Huashang’s wrist, “Bengong can reward whoever Bengong likes, so what is there to be appropriate or not? You wear them just right, just keep them.”

Taiping Gongzhu smiled and spoke kindly, but it was the kindness of the most favored gongzhu, how could anyone refuse? Ming Huashang could only accept it, and bowed uprightly, “This subject’s daughter, thanks Gongzhu for the honor.”

After Ming Huashang stood up properly, Taiping Gongzhu was about to ask a question when a maid wearing a blue half-arm dress walked quickly into the hall, approached Taiping Gongzhu, and said, “Your Highness, Ding Wang, and Wei Wang have arrived.”

Ming Huashang saw with her own eyes that the smile in Taiping Gongzhu’s eyes froze for a moment, and then she smiled like a spring breeze, and said, “Third Lang, Fourth Lang, you go out first, Bengong will talk to you another day.”

Linzi Wang and Baling Wang who was sitting on the side got up and said, “Aunt, wishing you many fortunes, nephew will ask to be excused.”

How could Ming Huashang not understand this social cue, she retreated below the platform and left with Ming Huazhang.
They fell behind the two Junwangs, and when they went out, they happened to meet a group of people.

The man in the lead was tall and imposing, and the man beside him was not so aggressive, but his appearance and demeanor were extremely outstanding.
Three waves of people met at the door.
Linzi Wang and Baling Wang visibly suppressed their expressions and raised their hands in salute, “Greetings, Wei Wang and Ding Wang.”

Ming Huashang and Ming Huazhang also saluted.
Ming Huazhang’s posture was calm, and his voice was as smooth as jade, just the same as when he greeted Taiping Gongzhu just now, making him appear more magnanimous than the two Junwangs.
Relying on being blocked by her elder brother, Ming Huashang quietly observed the people in front of her.

It turned out they were the Empress’ nephew, Wei Wang, Wu Chengsi, and Taiping Gongzhu’s husband, Ding Wang, Wu Youji.

Wei Wang was the leader of the Wu family and had a voice that was louder than the crown prince.
He was also planning to depose the crown prince and persuade the Empress to make himself the crown prince.
Now that Wei Wang and the crown prince’s sons have collided, how could the word insidious be enough to describe this scene?



The formal way princesses refer to themselves.

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