After she asked the question, the atmosphere seemed to turn silent, only the whirl of wind and snow outside the corridor could be heard.
Zhaocai couldn’t bear to look anymore, and quietly pulled Ming Huashang, “Miss…”

Ming Huashang flicked away Zhaocai’s hand, and spoke righteously, “Don’t make trouble, this is very important.
It’s not like you don’t know that those banquets in Luoyang are always stingy, the snacks they serve are like bird food, they disappear in one bite.
I can bear with it for one meal, but that’s all.
However, this banquet will last three days; if there won’t be enough food then we’ll have to bring some in advance.”

She spoke with such fervor and eloquence that unexpectedly Ming Huazhang couldn’t come up with an answer because he really didn’t know if there would be enough snacks at the banquet.

The ones hurrying to attend the banquet probably aren’t going with the intention to eat.
Ming Huazhang hesitated for a moment, and said, “Your worry is justified, I was negligent.
You can bring whatever you like to eat.”

Ming Huashang accepted delightedly.
Thinking of the dream from last night, she felt that Ming Huazhang was the least suspicious.
If he was going to be her life-saving talisman in the future then Ming Huashang felt that it was necessary to establish a good relationship with Ming Huazhang so she asked flatteringly, “Second elder brother, what do you like to eat? I know all the snack shops in Luoyang.
What flavor do you like? I’ll bring some for you!”

“Thank you, but no need.” Ming Huazhang refused without hesitation.
Ming Huashang thought that Ming Huazhang was embarrassed, and said generously, “Second elder brother, you don’t have to be polite with me.
I heard that there is a new shop in the southern market.
The plum blossom cake is sweet and refreshing and is often sold out.
If you want to eat, I will ask Jinbao to line up early tomorrow, and I will definitely buy it for you.” 

He wasn’t surprised to learn that she had a maid named Zhaocai and another maid named Jinbao.
Ming Huazhang looked at her and knew with certainty in his heart that it was her who wanted to eat it.
Ming Huazhang originally wanted to remind her to be cautious with her words and actions at the Feihong banquet, not to get close to strangers, so as not to become involved in the internal strife between the Li and Wu families, but looking at Ming Huashang’s shiny eyes, as if she really was going to attend a normal banquet, he felt that there was no need to say anymore.

Her mind was filled with eating and drinking, so how could she have spare thoughts to care about those Junwangs? Ming Huazhang sighed lightly, and said, “I don’t eat sweets or pastries.
Just prepare your own things.
You don’t have to bother about me.
I will send someone to check your luggage the day before our departure.
Is there anything else?” 

Ming Huazhang’s face was cold and upright, noble and benevolent, Ming Huashang shook her head slightly, not daring to cling anymore.

She was a little frustrated.
She hadn’t been close to Ming Huazhang all these years, so she wasn’t able to ask the right considerate questions to please him.
She didn’t even know that Ming Huazhang didn’t eat sweets.

How can anyone in the world not like sweets?

After Ming Huazhang finished explaining to Ming Huashang he turned around to leave.
Only when he walked far away did Zhaocai dare to come over and whisper, “Miss, second young master is so stern.
I didn’t dare to speak when he was here just now.”

Ming Huashang shivered, wrapped her fluffy fur collar tightly, and said, “You’re right, that is what you call natural grace, and commanding presence.
*Ah-choo*, let’s go back quickly, I’m going to freeze to death.”

Ming Huashang almost ran back to her courtyard.
After returning to her room, while carrying a stove in her arms, she ate a plate of pastries and drank half a cup of ginger tea before she finally felt alive again.

She was wearing a long silver and red dress and a white jacket with a fringe at the neckline.
She was slumped on the long pillow in a completely laid-back manner.
Surrounded by the warm scent of wisteria, Ming Huashang yawned, feeling sleepy.

In the past, she would have gone back to catch up on sleep, but today there was still business to do.
Ming Huashang boosted her energy and called loudly, “Ruyi.”

A maid who had her hair combed in a yuan bao bun responded and quickly ran to Ming Huashang’s side.
Her voice was sweet and crisp, “Miss, what’s the matter?”

The four maids Ming Huashang had at her side were called Zhaocai, Jinbao, Jixiang, and Ruyi.
Among them, Zhaocai took care of her clothes and jewelry and accompanied her on the days she went out; Jinbao had culinary talents, so she was responsible for food, and when Ming Huashang craved something she would make Jinbao cook something or go out to buy snacks; Jixiang was steady and down-to-earth so she was in charge of the valuables both inside and outside Ming Huashang’s courtyard; Ruyi was clever and resourceful so she was responsible for scouting out information for Ming Huashang and building connections.

Ming Huashang hooked her finger and Ruyi understood tacitly and leaned closer.
Ming Huashang ordered in a low voice, “Go outside and ask the elderly maids to see if anyone knows a momo surnamed Su, who was my mother’s wet nurse and who used to serve in the main courtyard.”

In the dream, she foresaw that Duke Zhen categorically stated that Ming Huashang was a fake and that Su Yuji was his real daughter.
Her father’s statement was so absolute that Ming Huashang didn’t doubt the authenticity of this matter.
However, since she could remember, she had never heard of momo Su’s existence.

Even on the day when the truth was exposed, Su Yuji was the only one who came to their door to present the evidence.
Duke Zhen simply accepted it after an investigation and did not try to find the culprit, momo Su, and confront her.
A wet nurse who had the ability to swap the daughter of the Duke manor should have had a high status in the inner courtyard, but why didn’t Ming Huashang have any impression of this person?

Ruyi accepted the order and left.
Ruyi was indeed a social butterfly, and she figured it out in just one afternoon.

Under the lamp, Ming Huashang was sipping on Gan Zi Su while listening to Ruyi explain: “…the person Miss asked about is from a long time ago.
This servant ran around all afternoon and asked about ten people before finally finding someone who had heard of momo Su.
But she didn’t know her well, she only knew that momo Su used to be the most trusted wet nurse of the Duchess.
She accompanied the Duchess from Taiyuan when the Duchess came over for marriage.
She returned home sixteen years ago, and never appeared again.”

Sixteen years ago? Wasn’t that the year Ming Huashang was born? Ming Huashang hurriedly asked, “Why did she return home?”

“I don’t know, it seemed that her grandson was intelligent and was a talented scholar, so she went back to her hometown to concentrate on supporting her grandson’s education.”

Ming Huashang groaned without saying anything.
Raising her grandson was a convincing reason to retire and return to her hometown, but Ming Huashang felt that the matter could not be that simple.
Momo Su wasn’t a tutor so what could she teach her grandson when she returned? According to a normal person’s line of thought, wouldn’t it be more helpful if she let her grandson study hard in her hometown while she stayed in Luoyang to save some money and build connections for her grandson?

Moreover, even if momo Su really wanted to retire, why didn’t she leave a year earlier or a year later? Instead, she just had to leave the year Wang Yulan gave birth.
Momo Su was Wang Yulan’s wet nurse.
It was impossible that momo Su didn’t know about the dangers a woman faced while giving birth, and the high chance a baby could die after giving birth.
It was really suspicious that she left at the moment when she was needed the most.

Ming Huashang asked, “Who allowed momo Su to leave the Duke’s manor?”

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